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Newsletter - Fall 2022 - Teacher Education at Coe College


Coe provides foundational experiences for pre-service teachers to nurture a passion for learning, deepen appreciation of diverse learners' needs, and strengthen approaches for teaching. We are excited to share Fall 2022 news and events of Coe Teacher Education! Our next newsletter will be in April 2023--please feel free to share with colleagues, alumni, or others who may be interested in our Teacher Education news.

Teacher Education: Snapshot data

  • School Partnerships

We appreciate partnerships with 14 area school districts for observations, field placements, and student teachers. Districts welcome students and find classroom connections across a wide range of grade levels and content areas. We truly value the energy, flexibility, time, and professionalism of district personnel, classroom teachers, principals, and building staff who make these experiences happen for future educators.

  • Advisory Board
Our Teacher Education Advisory Board held its fall meeting on Sept. 28. Teachers, principals, instructional coaches, and AEA members discussed "educational change" in K-12 schooling and provided feedback to faculty about pre-service teacher readiness. Data collected help guide our program development and initiatives.

  • State Accreditation Cycle

All Iowa teaching programs follow a state process for accreditation. Coe's Teacher Education state review is scheduled in 2024. Faculty are in ongoing work as a commitment to a continuous system of improvement. We are proud to engage in actions toward sustainable and promising change for future educators!

  • Student Teachers on the Rise

We celebrated 13 Coe student teachers in 2021-2022. This year we cheer on the accomplishments of 32 student teachers as they strive to earn State of Iowa licensure during the 2022-2023 academic year.

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Above: Cooperating teachers and Coe student teachers gather for a Fall 2022 campus workshop to discuss plans and expectations for the student teaching placement.

What makes you proud of Coe student teachers?

"Our students show adaptability as they step into their daily teaching and learning roles in K-12 schools. During weekly seminar, student teachers bond, they become a community. They support each other with resources, encouragement, reminders, and they check in personally with one another."

- Amy Russell, Director of Student Teaching

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What's the academic path of pre-service teachers?

Coe students can major in Elementary Education if interested in teaching K-6, or can choose to major in a content area (e.g. Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, World Language, etc.) and earn a minor in Secondary Education. Music and arts education (BA) are also distinct aspects of Teacher Education. All pathways lead to earning state licensure, as well as numerous opportunities for endorsement areas.

All students begin their exploration of K-12 education with "Four Core" courses: Educational Foundations, Exceptional Learners, Educational Psychology, and Human Relations. Early on, our program develops students' foundational learning, academic growth, and professional dispositions for practice. Completing two of the four core, students may apply to Teacher Education. Upper level courses include multiple field placements. Practicum and Methods courses lead to Student Teaching.

Community Connection: Jane Boyd Center

The Jane Boyd Center in Cedar Rapids focuses on programs and outreach to ensure the success of children and families. Weekly, students in Coe education courses meet at Jane Boyd to teach and work with elementary-age learners.

"This is an opportunity for us to give back to the community, and for pre-service teachers to practice their craft in a real learning environment," said Assistant Professor Sarah Kress.

In particular, Coe students are able to own the instructional decision-making with content, pedagogy, and learning environment. Establishing positive connections with young students is also essential in the learning and teaching experiences.

Coe Student Education Association (CSEA)

"CSEA is a campus club that mostly consists of people major or minoring in education, but we welcome anyone who has a love for education! We strive to be a community to each other and to create an environment for this shared passion we have," CSEA president Reagan Boyken said.

The group engages in a variety of events and activities such as organizing teacher Q/A panels and traveling to Des Moines for Day at the Capitol to advocate for schooling issues in Iowa. Boyken adds, "And sometimes we just get together to take care of ourselves and have a break from our school work."

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Above: CSEA students attend "Day at the Capitol" in Des Moines to advocate for educational issues and meet with state legislators. The next Day at the Capitol event is February 2023. Below: CSEA members gather for an evening activity.

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Iowa Teacher of the Year to speak at Coe in 2023

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 6pm

1220 1st Avenue Northeast

Cedar Rapids, IA

Iowa's "Teacher of the Year" Sara Russell will visit Wednesday, Feb. 22 (2023) to speak with Coe education students, faculty, and community. (All area educators are welcome!) Russell is a social studies teacher who leads student-oriented, hands-on learning. She teaches in the Pleasant Valley Community School District.

In comments to the Iowa Department of Education, she says, "I believe in the idea that you will never truly understand a concept or idea until you can apply it to your own life or the world around you. While direct instruction is a necessary component of learning, I structure as much of my class time as possible around student activities that demand students to make their own meaning of concepts or ideas, usually in a cooperative environment. With all the activities, I strive to have students discuss, defend, explain, and apply their learning."

Hello Alumni and Friends of Teacher Education!

We want to connect and keep you in the loop about Teacher Education news and events. Your contact information can also help future teachers network with schools and districts! Please complete this *very quick* 3-question form (BELOW)...
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