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Connecting with Spirit – An Evening Making Prayer Sticks

Wednesday, Dec. 10th 2014 at 6:30-9:30pm

Byron Bay Area, New South Wales, Australia

Great Spirit, God, the All, Everything, Nature, whatever name you give to the Infinite gave human beings free will. We have the choice to “connect” and experience being a part of the Everything or not. Join us for an evening while we explore making prayers tangible and connecting to self, life, and others. If you enjoying learning, being creative with your hands, and being with community, please come along.

Come and share an evening with community and

  • hear an interactive teaching on the prayer stick

  • hands on making of your own prayer stick

  • ceremony of awakening your prayer stick


Cost $30

Details of what to bring and location emailed on registration

Register via website

or email Bronwyn at or call 0412648856

Lineage Address -Living Life with Presence and Awareness

Thursday, Dec. 11th 2014 at 7pm

Coolamon Scenic Dr

Coorabell, NSW

Would you like to experience connection as you walk in your day to day life? Are you interested in seeing reality as it truly is?

Join Kristin Viken at this Lineage Address to investigate what it takes to be present with awareness and reveal the illusion of disconnection

Cost $15

All family and friends are invited to join the Red Lodge community for this lineage address.


Red Lodge - Find out more about the teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance path. this program is a year long educational program of spiritual study and ceremony for those dedicated to self growth in all aspects of life - emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and soul force. Go to for more information.


The CHULUAQUI QUODOUSHKA programs in spiritual sexuality designed to expand your awareness and enhance your expression of your natural, spiritual, sexual, healthy vibrant self. Go to

Self Defence Course

Saturday, Nov. 29th 2014 at 10am to Sunday, Nov. 30th 2014 at 4pm

144 Jonson St

Byron Bay, NSW

There are two days planned to come together in Black Lodge - the warrior component of the sweet medicine path. An opportunity to grow your prowess and strength as a warrior in the physical has arrived! With the elders of the medicine urging each of us to continue our individual black lodge mastery, a self defence courseb in the Byron area is planned. This course is suitable for all levels and skills. Friends and family are welcome.
Content - increased self defence knowledge including Qigong breathing, martial arts conditioning and stretching exercises, hand strikes and kicks, power strikes on targets, some basic falling skills, self defence techniques : wrist grabs, sleeve grabs, lapel grabs, hair grabs, chokes, hugs and punches

Byron Bay Martial Arts - Cost $120 per day.

(Can be done as single days)

Contact Josh for more information M: 0404042301

Would you like to have a Book of Life Reading? (Kristin Viken)

A Book of Life reading is a yearly reading that highlights your next year’s priorities, decisions and opportunities. It is a great guide to connect your higher self’s design with your everyday life’s choices and decisions.

Please bring something along (phone or recording device) to record your reading.

If you are interested, please email Sonia for an appointment time. A Conscious Assemblage Evening which looks at understanding your Book of Life reading is being held on the 3rd of December. Contact Sonia for more information.

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Purification Lodge

Monday, Dec. 8th 2014 at 10am

440 S Ballina Beach Rd

Ballina, NSW

Email, text or phone Brad on 0408 858 800 or if you are interested in attending.



  • For apprentices, RSDers, Red Lodgers, Q grads, SMSD students AND FRIENDS
  • 6 - 11 pm @ private venue - all details coming
  • Bar - B - Q with some top entertainment throughout the evening
  • More information to come