Longridge Community Update

The Best Part of LR is the People!

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Opening Message

Dear LR Community,

We are just over a week from the start of the 21-22 school year and we couldn't be more excited to have all students back to school five days a week! It has been roughly 18 months/about 550 days since we have had all students walking the halls and in classrooms in our building. The return to full in-person learning brings back some processes that we had used in years past, but it is also an opportunity to apply what we have learned over the last 18 months. The remainder of this newsletter will include updates for all parents and guardians to start the year.

If you have any questions about these new developments, please feel free to reach out to us in the main office at 966-5851.

Jason Juszczak


School Improvement Update

We received news that our SCEP plan submitted to NYSED was officially approved. We did not receive requests for revisions, which is a testament to the work of our colleagues and parent representatives on the team. Their attention to detail and focus on our current state story resulted in a targeted plan that is poised to influence our community from 21-22 and beyond! I am excited to begin this work in the fall! Our two commitments for this year are as follows:

1. The Longridge Community is committed to helping students feel a greater sense of belonging.

2. The Longridge Community is committed to helping every student achieve at least one year of growth in mathematics.

A tremendous thank you to the parent representatives that served on our team:

  • Christine Hetzel
  • Kathryn Heckle

  • Alaina DeCarlo

  • Mike DeCarlo

  • Simia Rumph

  • Kris Dunlavey

  • Theresa Dunlavey

  • Wendy Winston

The full version of the plan can be found at the link below:

Longridge SCEP

Greece Reopening

Earlier this week, our board approved a reopening plan for this upcoming school year to address COVID concerns. The link below is to a simple 1-pager that summarizes key points.

Some highlights for parents and guardians:

  • Students that are quarantined at home will be provided work by their classroom teachers, but will not be joining class live.
  • Masks are required for students, staff, and visitors
  • 3 feet of social distancing will be honored where possible and other mitigation efforts will be taken when students will be close than 3 feet (ie. masks, increased ventilation, etc)

GCSD Reopening Plan

New Visitor Policy

With the return to full in-person learning, we are bringing back some aspects of our visitor policy from the 19-20 school year. The full policy can be found at the link below. We are excited to be opening our doors and welcoming visitors back to the building:

Visitor Policy

Dismissal Process Update

Now that students will be returning to full in-person learning this fall, we will be adjusting our dismissal procedures. The time and process for student pick-up will largely be returning to pre-COVID routines in order to maximize instructional time in the classroom:

  • Students being picked up will be dismissed to the cafeteria beginning at 3:30 p.m. Please note that this is the dismissal time for all students.
  • We are asking that calls to the office for pick-up occur before 3 p.m. Calls that come after 3 p.m. delay the dismissal process for all students.
  • Parents and guardians will enter the cafeteria, be processed with a photo ID, and pick-up their child indoors.
  • All parents and guardians that enter the building are required to wear a mask.
  • All pick-ups after 3 p.m. will be in the cafeteria.

Please see the satellite photo below for entrance and exit during dismissal if you will be picking up your child from the school.

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Weekly COVID Updates

Greece CSD will no longer be sending out daily updates of positive cases. Instead, a single link will be shared at the end of each week with staff and families. This link is active and found on the District website within the "Winter Learning and Technology" Tab:


Contact Information

Longridge Elementary School is a K-5 Community School in the Greece Central School District. We proudly serve and celebrate close to 800 students with 130 amazing staff members. We are the largest of the 11 elementary schools in the District. Please follow us and all of our amazing people on Twitter at @LongridgeGCSD.