National Youth Administration

June 26, 1935


The National Youth Administration was a New Deal Agency in the US that focused on providing work and education for Americans between the ages of 16 and 25.

Focused on providing work and education for young Americans.

This administration falls under the relief program of the New Deal Program, because it provides relief for the unemployed and uneducated.

I believe this program will be successful because it gave the young Americans jobs to feed their family and education to expand their future.

It helps our understanding of the great depression by showcasing how important it was to be educated and how jobs were needed during the great depression.

This program operated from June 26, 1935 to 1939. Today, I think we do not need this program because unemployment rate is not as critical as it was in the great depression.

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NYA Video Brief Summary

  • Many jobs were given to young Americans to recover from the great depression.
  • Mostly included Americans from ages 16-25.
  • It got the country back on its feet.
The National Youth Administration and Aviation