Treasure Island

LaKeisha Williams

About the Book

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Length: 232 pages

Publisher: (Various), first in 1883

Genre: Fiction, Adventure & Children's Fiction

Language: English

ISBN: 1-58765-094-0

Ratings: 5 Stars

Price: $11.70

Book Review

Treasure Island illustrates the heroic actions of Jim Hawkins, a boy coming of age, and how he embraces an adventure. Jim saves innumerable lives from pirates as the story progresses. Bill Bones or Billy dies at the beginning of the story due to a stroke, unfortunately he is the only one who had and knew where the treasure map was. Squire Trelawney and Dr. Livesey found the map and soon sets a ship out on the sea to find it but also invites Jim on the journey. As the pirates are introduced, Jim begins to pay close attention to their actions, attitudes, and appearance, feeling something was off about them. Jim compares the pirate’s action to different animals and creatures. Half of the crew betrayed Trelawney and Livesey and set out on their own for the treasure. Jim overhears their plans and follows them ashore. But the pirates have token over the ship and Jim’s friend is missing. Jim and Long John Silver, the ships cook, are turned on when the treasure have already been removed. Everyone is after the treasure and are willing to kill anyone for it. Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver lives are depending on the treasure and who have token it.

Book Review

I loved Treasure Island because it is such an extraordinary mystery and adventure novel. The novel has different plots and twist to make you want to continue reading it non-stop. The characters, principles and theme was set carefully in the story to pull it all together to make it more readable. My favorite characters were Bill Bones and Long John Silver. Bill Bones was one of my favorite characters because he was so secretive and mysteries throughout the entire story. Long John Silver was other one of my favorite characters because he was a great pirate and great leader.