The New Colonies

By Jenna & Caitlyn

Our Settlements

One of our settlements is the Massachusetts Colony who was founded by John Winthrop. Your Governor will be in the Massachusetts Colony will be John Winthrop. The Massachusetts colony is the place to be. You will have a charter or official paper from the King of England knowing that your here. Farmers and businesses are sprouting everywhere so you will find great and fresh advertisements. Most of our settlements are built along the Atlantic coast to make it easier for our colonists to get supplies from English trading ships.

Our LIFE Here

We cook our food in big pots over fires. We store food in a cool places called cellars. Cellars are places that act like basements but are not connected to houses. Our jobs here are very simple. We have the men take care of the animals. The girls and the women have to cook, clean, and take care of the small children. The small children get to play. On Sundays we go to church for a full day with lunch breaks in between. At least once a year we have a town meeting, everyone is instructed to come.

Our Economy

Here in New England the landscape is covered with trees. People here use this wood for lumber and ship building. Our ships are for fishing or hunting whales. Here in New England we are the closest group of colonies to the Grand Banks. With many ships we are the leader in shipping and commerce. Farming is not easy especially around the ocean. Also the early and long lasting winters always kills the crops, but sometimes we grow enough food to feed everyone and sometimes even our neighbors. Farmers here trade or sell their surpluses of livestock, grain, wood, fruit, and firewood in port cities.