BHS Newsletter

March 8, 2019

Important Events

March 13 Parent Conferences 6:00-8:00 p.m.

March 14 NHS Fashion Drive
March 15 Early Dismissal 10:45
March 20 Early Dismissal 10:45 a.m. - ½ Prof. Dev.
March 21 All Town Band Concert - 7:00 p.m.
March 30 Bellingham Music 5/K Run/Walk

Congratulations BHS Cheer!

BHS Cheer finished in 2nd place this past weekend at the State Championship! On to the New Englands!

Congratulations to our Boys' Basketball Team

Congratulations to the Boys' Basketball team for a successful season!

It is also important to note that the team has been nominated for the IAABO Board 208 sportsmanship award. This is a great honor that recognizes the team for displaying great sportsmanship and for being a great role model for all teams.

Tutorial - SchoolBrains Community Portal

Sometimes, navigating the SchoolBrains Community portal can be tricky. Please click the link below for a quick tutorial on how to best access your student's, most up to date, grades.

Congratualtions to NJHS

Congratulations to all of the new members of National Junior Honor Society who were inducted on March 4th.

Humanities Department Update

English Department - The department remains busy addressing many difficult yet interesting topics within the curriculum from examining a man’s journey from innocence to experience in The Catcher in the Rye to evaluating the strength of teenage relationships in Romeo and Juliet and Adolescence and the Teenage Crush, as well, students studied the Freudian psychology that motivate characters and their inner struggles. AP Literature and AP Language are tackling the difficult skills of essay analysis and the art of logic and argument. Topically, many novels and short stories besides those already mentioned include: The Tell Tale Heart, Bullet to the Brain, The Mist, The Fly, The Road - just to name a few. In addition several English students have learned the art of resume building, interviewing and have had the opportunity of listening to guest speakers from the business world. Preparation in the 8th and 10 grade continues as we head into MCAS season. In the spirit of keeping up to date with the latest teaching techniques, five members of the department have recently attended a Google Classroom training.

World Language Department - In addition to ongoing building of their knowledge base in vocabulary and conjugation of verbs, conversing and translating in French and Spanish the World Language department has food, travel, and celebration on its mind! French II and III are learning about Paris, how to ask about and use the Metro and diving into travel based vocabulary necessary for anyone who wishes to travel around the City of Lights. This will come in very handy as a small group of French students will be taking a trip to Paris in April. Spanish I and French I along with building strong fundamentals in vocabulary and conjugation are diving into foods and cultural attributes of the Spanish speaking countries, while the upper levels of Spanish are learning about the cultural celebrations, Art, life around town, and how to give advice on such diverse topics as medical problems! Members of World Language Department also attended the Google Classroom training. Don’t be surprised if you see your student reading books in their chosen language of study!

Social Studies Department- Social Studies continues to take a look at who we are as a people, where we came from, and relating events of today to events that occurred in the past. This month US History I is examining the events that led up to the American Civil War, really diving into the the causes by writing newspaper articles and editorials on diverse topics ranging from secession to slave revolts. US History II wrapped up their studies on World War II and are currently examining the Cold War and its effect on American life and worldview, while the Western Civilization classes study various forms of government of the tumultuous 18th century that will eventually lead them into the revolutions that forged our nation and tore Europe apart. Our 8th grade World History students are examining the many facets of the world of Islam, an important study in understanding the issues that plague the Middle East today.

In addition elective classes such as Sociology are assessing Generation Z - the good, the bad, and the ugly; Current events is keeping our students up to date on national and global happenings from the Trump Presidency to the potential crises in North Korea. Rounding things out, Youth and the Law is tackling Civil Law and the nature of crime in America, and Military History is deep in the Heart in the various elements that led to the successful conclusion of the American Revolution. Three member of the Social Studies department attended the google classroom training with their colleagues in the humanities department

STEM Department Update

The Science Department

The STEM Department applied for and was awarded a Project Lead The Way Grant to support our new Engineering classes. BHS was awarded $30,000 over the next two years. We currently offer Intro to Engineering Design, we will be adding a course, Engineering Principles, and then the following year will incorporate the third course in the Engineering pathway.

Our Science staff have been actively promoting our AP courses and we have students signed up to run AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Physics for next year.

For specific information about Environmental Science and Chemistry happenings, check out this link:

The Math Department

This year is our Math Curriculum Review year and we have been busy ensuring that our coursework aligns with the Massachusetts Standards at every level in the district and for every math course offered at our high school. Our eighth grade students were issued Chromebooks this year and are now accessing their math book online from home. They also have access to self assessment quizzes and homework tutorials using the online platform. Several math teachers are taking a Fractions course to be able to assess students foundational understanding of fractions and be able to identify and address gaps in their learning. Other math teachers will be attending a google classroom training specifically for Math courses

Unified Arts Update

Visual Art Department:

BHS Art III and Art IV students are currently working on an Illustration Unit with Mr. Etter. In this unit, students are creating illustrations for children’s storybooks. Mrs. DuVarney’s Painting course is currently working on painting in the style of Aaron Douglas, a painter from the Harlem Renaissance. This unit also coordinated with observance of African-American History Month of February. Students in the 3D Animation course are completing a unit on logo design - using Lightwave software to create 3D logos for companies.

Music Department: Chorus students in grades 8 - 12 at BHS just performed at the All Town Chorus Concert on Wednesday, March 6th along with chorus students in grades 4 -7 from the Memorial School. Over 280 students performed in this concert and together, everyone joined on stage to perform 2 pieces of music as one large choir! View the video stream from this concert on the Bellingham Music Facebook page. The band students in grades 8 - 12 will be performing in the All Town Band Concert on Thursday, March 21st at 7:00 p.m in the BHS Gym. In the next few weeks, the music department will have several guest conductors visiting class rehearsals to work with students and staff. Guest conductors provide new ideas and perspectives, expert advice in targeted areas as well as a professional development opportunity for faculty members.

Wellness Department: Physical Education students have been participating in a new offering called Nitroball. They are in teams of two competing in a weekly round robin tournament. Students not interested in Nitroball go to the fitness center where they participate in an individual cardiovascular program and/or weight training program. Grades nine and ten health students are finishing an outline on a cardiovascular/respiratory system disorder which they will present to the class next week. Grades eleven and twelve are studying the effects of juuling on your mind and body.