Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

Week 32! April 13th - 17th

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break! Can you believe we have less than 6 weeks left of school!??

Dates to Remember:

Friday, April 17th - Half Day / Gala at 6pm

Thursday, April 23rd, Field Trip - Bring sack lunch / No free dress pass used on field trips


Chapter 16 Test Thursday.

This chapter is a simple lesson on subtraction facts.

Ch. 16 Test Study Guide:


Related Facts: Have the same numbers. ( Example 2+3=5, 3+2+5)

Subtract: To take away.

Number Line: Can help me subtract

  • Use related facts to subtract
  • Complete the fact family
  • Circle the names for the number
  • Problem Solving Example: The class has 10 students. 4 students go home early. How many students are left?

UNIT 6: Test Thursday


Number Line: Helps me add or subtract

Ten Frame: I can show ten in a ten frame

Subtract: To find the difference.

  • Find the sum
  • Find the difference
  • Write the missing addend
  • Complete the fact family
  • Use related facts to add and subtract
  • Problem Solving: There are 5 iPads for the class. Jon brings 6 more. How many iPads are there now?
Unit 6 / Chapter 16: Subtraction Facts

Click here for math games, review, and extra support for Chapter 16

Science / Test April 24th

Chapter 8:

Lesson 1: The Sky Above

Lesson 2: Earth Moves

Lesson 3: Earth's Neighbors

Vocabulary Words:

star, Sun, Moon, planet, rotate, phases

Social Studies

We have completed all lessons in our Social Studies textbook. We will continue to work in our Graphs, Globes, and Maps workbook and will incorporate lessons in Math and Science when possible.

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