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Hello, my name is Kevin. I am 25 years old and currently working at a premier tutoring academy as a head math and science teacher. My teaching experience started during high school when a bunch of my colleagues asked me to help them get a higher score on the SATs. My personal SAT score was overall 2280 and my math portion was a perfect 800.

During College I was hired as a General Biology lab instructor, Analytical Chemistry lab instructor, and General Chemistry lab instructor. I also worked for the teaching & learning center as a Chemistry tutor.

I have lots of experience in teaching and because I work for a tutoring academy, I have experience in teaching all different types of math & science courses. I specialize in SAT mathteaching, but also have experience in reading and writing sections as well.

Through knowledge, patience, and organized lesson planning, I am confident I am able to help teach students how to obtain good grades and outstanding scores on standardized testing. I would never teach any subject I, myself, am not confident in.

Rate: 40$/hr

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Phone #: (951) 847-0885