Pledge Day: No Place for Hate

December 18, 2019

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Rippon's Journey to Pledge Day

2019-2020 Timeline:

This year we began the process of the 3 year phase implementation of the No Place for Hate Initiative. Various messages went out the community so that we could start forming the committee. Along the way, it became evident that 6th graders were going to be our go-to student committee members. The students were excited and really into the program. These past few months, they have been active and excited about being chosen to be part of the committee.

On September 24, 2019, I sent out a power point to the whole school to explain the new initiative. You can see the power point below. This was the first introduction into the program.

The school was given a grant so that the school could be formally trained on the program. On November 8, 2019, our committee members were in training for most of the day. Note: See pictures below

On December 11th, we sent out a video to all of the teachers so that the students would have more information regarding the program. They were asked to play the video during their homeroom. Note: You can see the video below.

On December 5th, Mr. Davison and I worked with the students to finalize the Pledge day and the programming that was going to be put into place later on that month. Note: You can see the pictures below.

The Week of December 16th was very busy for our school. We officially conducted the No Place for Hate Pledge.

You can see the

No Place For Hate™ - Washington, D.C.