Dr. Mengele "Angel of Death"


Josef Mengele was a Nazi doctor who worked in Auschwitz. Mengele preformed many experiments such as removing of organs and limbs, injecting people with bacteria to see how they react, and gender swapping procedures, all without anesthesia. He also liked working with dwarves and twins especially. With twins, Mengele usually attached them to one another to make siamese twins. What Mengele did to dwarves was dissecting them so he could see if they were any different inside. He even injected chemicals into children’s eyes to change their eye color. After experimentation, people were dissected. Even though he did all of this, the children from the Auschwitz kew him as Uncle. They knew him as a father figure who gave them clothes and chocolate.

Becoming the "Angel of Death"

Dr. Mengele was born as Josef Mengele on March 16, 1911, in Gunzburg. He studied philosophy in Munich University and medicine in Frankfurt University. Mengele joined the Nazi party in 1937, and then went to the SS in 1938. While fighting in Russia in 1942 he was wounded and had to leave his unit. He decided to volunteer at a concentration camp in Auschwitz as a research doctor, which meant experimenting on humans in a death camp. Due to his horrific experiments, he got the nickname ‘Angel of Death’.

After the War

After the war, in 1948, Mengele managed to leave Germany and flee to South America. Today it is believed that he was able to obtain false papers with the help of the humanity organization, the Red Cross. Although there were bounties offered for his head, he managed to move from country to country in South America, and lived for 35 years without ever being captured or trialled for his crimes against humanity. He died in Brazil in 1979, apparently from a stroke.


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