The Nicholson Mueseum

By luka

On the 13th of August stage three of Epping Heights P.S. went to the Nicholson Mueseum and the IMAX cinama in Sydney. First we went to the Nicholson Mueseum. When we got to the Museum I thought we were behind the scense of Harry Potter. When we had reccess I had chips and caremal slice and it was very nice. After we had reccess we put our bags in a container and our tour guides took us to different places in the Mueseum.

The first place we went to was were all the Mummies were. In the Mueseum there are three Mummies. One of these Mummies was a very important Mummy, it was Horus, the god of the sky. Horus was only nine years old when he died and people thought that he was a girl when they first found him! The Ancient Egyptians also Mummified alot of things even animals!

The next part of the Mueseum my group visited was where we got to make two Mummies that was venisa and johnathon how sre both in 6G. Louis was Anubis the god of the dead and afterlife. nickie and i were the cryers how were hired to dance and cry at mumification ceremonies in Ancient Egypt.

In the next part we looked at a statue he was in a sand erosion and also a water erosion. The Egyptologest think he was on a pillar and then he fell into the water and the left butt check went into the sand because the left butt check is way, way smother then the other bits of the statue were rougher.

The last thing that we did at the Mueseum was going down some stairs and actully got to touch things from Ancien Egypt then we picked one and drew it.

Overall I thought that the Nicholson Mueseum was one of the best excursions I have ever been on!