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Lost In Death Valley

Death Valley Is A National Park That Covers Land From Eastern California To Nevada. At Least 1 Person Dies There But These 3 Girls Managed To Sleep One Night There While It Was 120 Degrees. Stay Tuned And Keep Reading To Find Out What Happened And How They Were Affected. (More Information Located In The Article.)

Girls Survive Death Valley Tragedy

Three Girls, A Mom, Donna, Her Daughter, Gina, And Her Daughters Friend, Jenny, Where Going All Around While Gina Was Showing Jenny The Cool Parts Of The World, Death Valley Was One Of There Stops. They Went There To Visit And Took One Wrong Turn, Which Was The Start Of Becoming Lost. Who Knew One Wrong Turn Could Mean The End Of Your Life.
The Three Girls Were Scared, Frustrated That They Couldn't Find The Way Out. They Weren't Sure Were To Go Considering That Death Valley Covers Up 5,300 Square Miles Of California And Nevada. They Suddenly Had A Idea, Use The GPS. It Sounded Like A Good Idea, But Seemed To Not Work Out Considering They Have Been Going In Circles And Were Getting Farther Than They Remember. And They Scariest Part Is That Her Other Daughter, in Florida At A Hospital, Noticed Her Mom Didn't Answer When She Called. During That Incident, Hours Past, They Drove For Forever And It Was Like A Crazy Movie Where They Couldn't Escape. They Were Probably So Nervous, And It Probably Didn't Help The Fact They Had No Food, And Very Little Water. The Car Began To Stop Working And They Thought It Was Empty. They Began To Search. Later In The Day Gina Told Her Mom, Donna, To Try To Get The Car Running Again, A Miracle Struck, And The Car Came Back On. They Got In And Drove A Little More And As They Were Doing That, Her Daughter In The Hospital Was On The Case. She Checked In To See If Her Mom Had Recently Purchased Any Thing And Saw That She Bought Something At Scotty's Castle The Day Before, And She Started To Get Searched. Eventually, The Car Ran Out Of Gas, And This Time It Was Certain, So They Got Out And Kept Walking. They Stumbled Across Something They Saw Yesterday, Some Trees, And Were There Is Trees, There Is Water. They Saw Some Trailers And Raided Them For Food And Water. Later They Found A Hose, Gina Said It Was The Worst But Best Water She Has Had In Her Life. They Saw A Helicopter In The Distance. Gina Waved A Yellow Towel Around, They Were Saved. They Were So Happy To Be Found And They Were Also Stunned About There Journey, So Watch Were Your Going, Cause Anything You Do, Can Cost Your Life.

In Conclusion

This Experience Of These 3 Girls Was Probably Life Stunning, Near Death Experiences Sure Do Stun You. And Man The Worst Way To Die Is To Be Lost And Become Dehydrated. From Another Article "Lost In Death Valley" Gina Has Said That She Can Take Anything That Life Throws At Her. She Also Said "You Should Be Thankful For Every Thing That You Get". So That's It, Hope You Enjoyed These Girls Story.