JROTC is the Best Class Ever

by Alima Pascaline

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The JROTC is a student group. They volunteer in public school, community and they support other types of service event with manpower. in JROTC anyone can join the program. but you must have promotion which connects to grades and participation and it doesn't cost anything unless the student lose their equipment and they may pay for field trip and food.

JROTC meets 5 days a week as a regular class and 3 days a week for after school activities and practice spending cadet involvement and allowances you have to come and they meet n JROTC classroom and in the arena Monday through Friday. I think everyone should join JROCT because it is important for our students who are interested in helping people. Mr. Gooding said, "join for many reason.... fun, comradery, discipline and adventure one can join for any reason that comes to their minds whatever influences them to do so."

If you really want to join JROTC, you should talk to your counselor and also talk to Mr. Gooding for more information in room 200.

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WHS JROTC Wildcat Battalion