HSA Algebra Prep Course

This is NOT your typical math course!

Welcome to the Course!

My name is Ms. Welker and to the right is my dog, Jamie. We will guide you through a couple simple lessons that will make a HUGE difference in your Algebra HSA score.

NOTE: If you are taking this course for credit/grade, here is a link to our course site: HSA Algebra Prep in Canvas If not, just keep on reading...

This page is a brief overview of the course. Please scan down through the content to get an idea what you are getting into. Please feel free to email me with any questions!

The course STARTS when you are ready and ENDS when you are done! Good luck!

Are you ready to learn? I promise, it will be fun! :)

Module 1 - Introduction

This short module will allow you to get familiar with the course site, expectations, and tools you will use. This should be easy, fun, and get you ready to master the Algebra HSA.

You will learn how to use Dropbox, an awesome online storage program that we will use in this class. You will also practice communicating with me and learn the "ways" of the course.

Module 2: Mastering the Algebra

This is the only section of the course where we will review ANY actual math! There are flash cards, matching activities, and assignments to help you get confortable with the math and terminology you will need to know for the HSA.

Link to Module 2.

Module 3: Mastering the Calculator

You are given a calculator to use for the HSA, but the calculator is only as smart as the person using it. This module explores all the calculator tricks you will need to make this test a piece of cake!

Link to Module 3.

Module 4: Mastering the Questions

Passing the HSA is more than the math; it is knowing how to read the questions. What is the question asking? What type of answer are you looking for? Can you eliminate any choices? This section will make you never call a word problem "scary" again!

Link to Module 4.

Module 5: Mastering the Algebra HSA

It is time to apply everything you have learned! In this module you will take several practice assessments, analyze your mistakes, and prepare your own HSA prep tool!

Link to Module 5.

Other Resources for Practice