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Resources from Environmental Education - 4/9/20

The SDW Environmental Education team will be sending weekly updates (on Thursdays) with resources and ideas for you to share with students and families. Content may come in the form of videos, lessons, read-aloud stories, or project ideas. Feel free to utilize as much or as little as you would like.

If there are specific content areas that you are interested in us exploring, or if there are specific tools that we can create to best support you and your students, feel free to reach out with suggestions!

Week 2 Resources

Virtual Earth Day

Stay tuned next week for a Virtual Earth Day event! This will include an outdoor community action for students and a menu of other possibilities. More info coming soon!

Great Lakes Activity

The Alliance for the Great Lakes is offering a series of weekly lessons for students. EE teachers John T. and Laurie L. explored this offering and wanted to share the first activity with you! It asks students to "make a list of the special places in their lives and draw their own “sense of place” maps. These maps do not need to be geographically accurate, but they do tell the story of a place from your kid’s point of view."

If you'd like to access this lesson, you can do so at this link.

Finding a Sit Spot

Last week we included information about "Adopt-a-tree" and Nature Journals. This week, EE teacher Laureanna R. has some suggestions for finding a tree or "sit spot" and what to do while sitting outside. Check out the video below!
Finding a Sit Spot

WI Green Schools Network

Our partners at the WI Green School Network are offering wonderful semi-weekly resources and have a newly re-designed website for students. Here's what they have to say:


"Engaging the rock-skipping frog-catching spirit that lives inside of each of us is at the heart of what we do at the Wisconsin Green Schools Network. To engage this spirit in each of you, we offer a newly re-designed Environmental Education for Kids (EEK!) website with kid-friendly content that teachers need as a catalyst to connect, explore, and engage in learning outside.

We will be supporting you, your family, and your learners in April with semi-weekly activity posts to get bodies moving. Each blog will integrate an outdoor mindfulness activity to support our mental health and an outdoor exploration to support physical health.

We encourage learners, in partnership with their families and caregivers, to share their experiences and connect with others by posting in the comment section. (This could be a great opportunity for formative assessment as well!)"


Spring Species - Chorus Frogs

EE teacher Rita K. has been exploring local parks this spring and has heard many Chorus Frogs on her hikes. If students visit a park with water this spring, they might also hear a Chorus Frog! This video has some great information about the species.
Chorus Frogs

Science Joke of the Week

Big picture