December 2020

MMS Updates

Principal's Corner: Mr. Schultz

Happy December! 2020 is coming to a close, thank goodness! I want to thank everyone for their support throughout these trying times, realizing that everyone is doing their best to educate all students safely.

The Marysville Board of Education and Dr. Wightman has recommended that learning stay virtual for the safety of everyone. The Board of Education and Dr. Wightman reevaluates the situation every month to do what is best for everyone involved. Look forward to Dr. Wightman’s continued communications on this and other important district topics.

2nd marking period progress reports were run and mailed home Friday, December 11th. Students with a 69% or below, when progress reports were run, will be receiving a progress report. We are ½ way through the 2nd marking period so that means there is still time for grades to change, hopefully for the better! Please contact your child’s teacher if there are any questions you have about your child’s grade. Everyone understands 2020 has been challenging and virtual learning is not ideal for everyone, but our teachers work exhaustively to help and connect with students. We want everyone to be successful.

We are excited that every classroom is having new 86 inch interactive smartboards with microphone and speakers installed. This will enhance learning whether in person or virtually. The smartboards will be installed before 2021. Our staff will be trained on this new technology the first couple weeks of 2021, and we should be ready to roll after this.

Even though we are distance learning, you still need to call the MMS attendance line before school starts and leave a detailed message about your child’s illness or absence (details such as: sore throat, throwing up, doctor’s appointment, fever, etc.). Our main office’s phone number: 364-6336, follow the menu for attendance. Your child will be marked as an unexcused absence if this call isn’t made.

Everyone at MMS wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a safe, warm holiday season.

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Winter Break

There will be no school for students December 21 through January 1!

Classes will resume virtually on Monday, January 4, 2021.

First Semester Exams: Cancelled

First Semester Exams have been cancelled for the 2020-21 school year.
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Assistant Principal's Corner: Mr. Frikken

Our teachers are taking attendance each class period. If your child is having a difficult time entering their teacher’s Zoom or Google Meet, make sure they are emailing their teacher to tell the teacher they had difficulties logging in. This is especially important for attendance. If your child does not attend a class, it counts as an absence. It is very important that students email their teacher and for parents to notify the attendance line if their child was absent for a class or having technical difficulties logging in to the class.

It is still required to call the school attendance line (810.364.6336 and follow menu to attendance) when your student is absent in order for the absence to be excused. Marysville Public School District places great importance on attendance in school. The state of Michigan requires all children to maintain regular attendance in school with less than 10 absences per school year. Please check your student’s Skyward daily to make sure he or she is attending class on a regular basis.

Athletics Update from MHSAA Executive Director

Our 2020 middle school sports are on hold for the time being. We all hope we are back to school face to face and our sports are back up and running, but we need to be able to do this safely! Please read the following information from Mark Uyl, our MHSAA Executive Director:

Dear MHSAA Community,

Today’s announcement from Governor Whitmer and MDHHS has extended the “pause” on high school in-person instruction and high school and middle school sports through Dec. 20.

The MHSAA had provided a detailed plan to both Governor Whitmer and MDHHS that would have completed fall tournaments with no spectators as safely as possible during the month of December along with allowing winter sport practices to resume. While we are disappointed in today’s announcement, we will continue to look forward as we remain committed to play three sports seasons to their conclusion. The MHSAA Representative Council will meet on Wednesday of this week to chart out another plan for finishing Fall and restarting Winter.

Updated information will reach you again following Wednesday’s Representative Council meeting.

Thank you.

Mark Uyl
MHSAA Executive Director

We will continue to inform students and parents as soon as we are informed of any changes!