Losing valuable hours of pure life?

Is your life getting taken over by a little phone screen?

By Joel Johnson

Beep Beep! you just got a notification from your phone. Your thoughts keep filling your head to answer it. You then start thinking off track even though you're trying not to answer it as you do your homework. These are the kind of things that happen to me usually every other normal day after school doing homework. The media is a very interesting, new generation of communication that is easily entertaining and useful, but it has problem-causing setbacks as well. I remember when i first came into the media back in 5th grade as i got my first phone and tablet. I was happily interested in using something new that i haven’t ever used before, Only not to know what issues would lie ahead because of this day. The two main issues the media has created for me have resulted in distraction in important situations and social problems with myself, this can include being on my phone when i’m really supposed to be studying for some test, or being completely glued to my phone instead of going somewhere outside to hang out with others.

One of my two daily problems have been to get distracted by the media in important situations. I will be doing my homework on some days and all of a sudden turn lazy and take out my phone and soon enough i then realize i’ve been stuck on my phone for up to a good hour of homework, now wasted. This really effects me having this habit and it could come back to haunt me later if i don't fix it soon enough. An NBC report says that kids who are constantly getting interrupted my technology or media score 20% lower on a standard cognition test than ones who aren't getting interrupted by media (Sullivan). What i will do to fix this is to turn off my phone and hide it away from my working area so that i have no chance of checking it or getting distracted by notifications from it. Hopefully this works because it is a bad habit.

My other problem that has been caused by the media is not being social enough face-to-face. I will sometimes be glued to my phone and not have an actual social life. An essay written about all the problems with the media states that 75% of kids and teens spend their waking lives with their eyes fixed on a screen, the same study also found that kids who unplug their electronic device for one twenty four period that they don't know what to do with their time and get "lonely". I know this can be a major problem in the future whether it’s for a job interview or for a simple date, so i will want to fix this so i can excel in being able to talk well and actually express myself. I will fix this by simply letting go on to my media online and go into the real media in the outside world because there is so much to discover that i don’t even know or heard about. I will have to go outside of my comfort zone in order to successfully obtain this skill.

These issues can be fixed, and it will take time to do so, but besides that the media isn’t all that horrible for me at least. Other people may not like it as much but, i hope in i can fix these issues to make me the kid i used to be before 5th grade, before that day i got that phone, because it has affected me in some sort of way.

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