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Raul Rivero of Miami | Spectrasol Energy Systems, LLC

Raul Rivero of Miami knows that he has an extremely diverse business portfolio. He has owned, led, and founded a variety of companies throughout his successful career. This man of many industries owns, with partners, a business that is in the renewable energy business. Raul Rivero of Miami is a partner owner of Spectrasol Energy Systems, LLC.

A complete renewable energy solutions company, this company was established just in time to capitalize on the growing opportunity in the business of Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights for applications of government, commercial, and industrial use.

The energy company that Raul Rivero of Miami owns, Spectrasol Energy Systems, LLC, provides LED luminaries that the company says will produce a near instant savings that can be up to sixty five percent on lighting costs.

Whether it is a retro fit or a completely new construction, Spectrasol can create is for any business and provide a large amount of savings. Raul Rivero of Miami knows that the return on investment for these Light Emitting Diode lights can be higher than many contracts that a business venture will jump into with their business practice.

Raul Rivero of Miami communicates through his company that LED lights are the most advanced light technology today. These efficient lights use less electricity than any traditional illumination technology. Old technology includes halogen, pressure sodium, CFL, and incandescent lights. LEDs produce the same amount of light as the older technology without using the same amount of electricity, ultimately saving a business money on running costs.

Raul Rivero of Miami - Licensed Work

Some people believe that there is hardly necessary to employ the services of a licensed and insured worker for their repairs of their business. Knowing the costs of simple procedures, they know that they can save the company money by choosing a cheaper option, which is a person who is unlicensed, uninsured, and unofficially doing the work in the business. Raul Rivero of Miami is the President of ICC Public Adjusters, Inc. He highly recommends businesses to avoid this cheaper option because they will not want to have the unintended costs of any misstep that may happen.

As Raul Rivero of Miami knows, choosing an uninsured and unlicensed work service to do the repairs on a business and prove costly if anything goes wrong. There is a story that the President of ICC Public Adjusters often mentions to businesses that are considering choosing the “cost efficient” option for their business. It starts with an automobile company that chose to have an electrical worker come in and view their problems in the building. Once that worker started working, an electrical explosion happened and sent the worker to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Raul Rivero of Miami notes that this company lost a substantial amount of money from employing the services of an unlicensed electrical worker that was also uninsured. The electrical work ended up costing them thousands of dollars of unintended cost. Unfortunately their “cost efficient” option led this company to spend more than they bargained for and led to another reason why Raul Rivero of Miami recommends to always used licensed work no matter the cost.

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Raul Rivero of Miami - Gabi Construction Corporation

Currently, Raul Rivero of Miami works as a general contractor and public adjuster. He is also the Vice President of Gari Construction Corporation. This corporation is the company of his family, which he has worked with for over thirty years. Raul Rivero manages and supervises the remodeling and reconstruction of projects and monitors new home developments. This company is the fruition of a family that became one of the first Cuban-American architectural and general contracting firms. They help develop on building the residential housing that was needing in the central and southern areas of Florida.

Raul Rivero of Miami is a veteran of the construction industry. A resident of Coral Gables, is a licensed general contractor and in all line public insurance adjuster. Raul Rivero of Miami is also well educated in his field of work as well. He attended the Florida International University College of Engineering and Design and studied Construction Management. From a young age, he has worked in construction with his family. Gabi Construction Corporation brought Raul Rivero of Miami a unique experience to work with two mentors, his father, Raul Rivero Sr., and his uncle, J. J. Rivero.

Originally, Raul Rivero Miami started as a field laborer with his family’s company. In this position he learned the value of hard work and the reward that comes from it. Proudly, he is now in a higher position. Mixing the education he received with the first hand work knowledge that he received as a child, Raul Rivero of Miami is a great leader for the family company.

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