Recent Vacation....

I just returned from my vacation down in Olbernhau, Germany. My reason for traveling there was to look at a lathe I am interested in. While down there, I really enjoyed the appreciation of woodworking from around the country incorporated into even in the simplest of tables.
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Site I liked...

Today I visited the website of Chris Ness, a woodworker known for cabinet making and bringing woodworking to kitchens. I appreciate the way he incorporates old and new techniques for making his work!

Recently Followed

I've just followed the Mason. I really enjoy his work and am interested in what he's working on.


Pho from last night!!! This is one of my favorite foods because it comes out fast and its cooking in front of you still when you get it. Very cool way to tie into my idea of "unfinished."

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Inspiration for a future workshop

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Frank Gehry House

Just got back from my stay in Santa Monica, CA and drove past this really cool house.My friend who was with me is in school for architecture and said the owner and the architect of the house is a man named Frank Gehry. I admire the "unfinished" look of the house. I would really like to find a way to incorporate the style of Frank Gehry into my new house somehow.
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A Little Bit About Me...

I grew up in Dallas, Texas .Growing up here has helped tremendously in that I'm very familiar different styles found in the area. A lot f my clients are from many parts of the country, so I travel frequently. When I am home, I spend most of my time woodworking.