Dred Scott

By Seth Buccella

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Dred Scott's life

Dred Scott, a black slave, and his wife had once belonged to army surgeon John Emerson, who had bought him from the Blow family of St. Louis. After Emerson died, the Blows helped Dred sue Emerson’s widow for his freedom, but lost the case in state court. Because Mrs. Emerson left him with her brother, a New York citizen, Scott sued again in federal court, saying that he had Missouri citizenship. Scott eventually got to the Supreme Court.

Dred Scott case

In the Dred Scott v. Sanford case, slave Dred Scott argued that his time living with his master in a free state entitled him to emancipation. The court decided that no black, slave or free, could be a U.S citizen,

How the Dred Scott decision affected things

The Dred Scott decision angered the abolitionists and sparked fury. Slaves were especially angry because that is another example of dehumanization. Slaveholders were happy because it preserved slavery. Or so they thought...