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Grosse Pointe South's Weekly Communication - Mar. 3rd, 2023

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Attendance Office


The Pre-arranged Absence Request Form is to be used for the following absences:

  1. Vacation outside of the school-scheduled vacation period.

  2. Athletic competitions with a non-South athletic team.

  3. Other extenuating circumstances.

The District does not condone vacation absences outside of school-scheduled vacation periods and requires student attendance during midterm and final exam week. Absence from school due to vacation will be treated as unexcused, unless the Pre-arranged absence request process is followed. This means teachers are not required to provide an opportunity for students to make up assignments or exams.

Midterm and/or final exams: On the rare occasion that a student cannot take the assessment at the assigned time, a written request by the parent identifying the specific situation which includes: dates, specific events, and students’ responsibilities at the event should be sent to the principal. In conjunction with the teachers involved, the principal will determine whether a final assessment can be administered at an alternate time. It is important to note that reasonable requests do not include family vacations. Not following this stated process could result in receiving a zero on your midterm or final exam.

What this form SHOULD NOT be used for:

  1. College visits - Absences for college visitations require official verification/documentation confirming your attendance on the date(s) of your absence. Once verification has been received, the absence(s) will be excused by the attendance office and will NOT count towards the cap of 10. Please note that paperwork confirming your upcoming appointment/visit to a college campus is scheduled does not serve as verification that you attended.

  2. Medical absences - illness, medical appointments, surgeries etc..with medical documentation are exempt from the cap of 10.

  3. Funeral/bereavement - provide obituary notice or card containing information about funeral arrangements.

  4. Religious holiday - observance or celebration of a bona fide religious holiday.

Students should still inform their teachers of instances where they will be absent for the above reasons.

For your request to be considered, please follow this process:

  • Schedule a meeting with Mr. Hamka at least two weeks in advance of your absence and obtain Pre-Arranged Absence Request form from Mr. Hamka

  • Have your teachers sign the form

  • Return the form to Mr. Hamka for final approval

  • Parent must call (313)432-3501 in advance of absence

Vacations and non-school sanctioned athletic events, may be excused at the discretion of the principal but generally count towards the cap of 10. If the above process is not followed, teachers are not obligated to allow a student to make up missed work. If this procedure is followed, students have the opportunity to complete assignments and make up tests, but teachers are under no obligation to provide extra help after vacations. Students have 3 days to make up assignments and tests after they return. If assignments and tests are not completed within 3 days, a failing grade for the test or assignment may be given. When possible, every effort should be made to complete assignments and assessments prior to departure.

The decision of the building principal is final and cannot be appealed.

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Class of 2023 Information

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Graduation Cap & Gown Ordering - Jostens

- GP South HS uses Jostens as their preferred vendor for Graduation Merchandise. The School does NOT have any purchasing or tracking information. I will occassionally receive that students have/have not ordered a cap/gown. All cap/gowns/tassels will be shipped to school and distributed to students a few days before graduation date.

- Jostens was at School in person on Wednesday, December 7 to meet with students in person.

- In effort to get the best pricing, order early! Prices will increase as graduation gets closer. (Currently the most basic cap, gown, tassel is $40)

- Yes, you can borrow siblings or friends or one of your parent's from the early 1990s (ha ha!), I'd recommend a new tassel and cap.

- Yes, the Student Activities office has a bin of them if you feel like you'd like a "hand me down" (just let me know your height)

Feel free to swing by Student Activities, room 131 for more information or a flyer.

Mrs. Petz / Melissa Ryan-Petz

Student Activities / Instagram: GPSouth_StudentActivities


Attention Senior Parent,

LAST Call for senior ads in the back of the yearbook. Please click on website for "In School Ads"


Please reach out to Cathy Beach, 432.3519 if you have any questions.


Spring sports are coming. Check the website for details. Must have a gold card tryout.

Student vs. Staff Basketball Tournament

The Class of 2024 is hosting a Student vs. Staff Basketball Tournament on Friday, March 3rd from 6-8pm. Each class will play each other and then the winning team will compete against a staff team.

GPPSS Guidelines for Safe Attendance at Athletic Events

We are excited to welcome our community onto our school grounds. To ensure a safe and inviting environment for all attendees, please see the GPPSS guidelines below for all GPPSS athletic events.

Guidelines for safe attendance at GPPSS athletic events:

  • No outside food or drink (including tumblers, Yeti’s, etc.)

  • No athletic balls, frisbees, etc.

  • No student bags or backpacks. Adult bags may be subject to a search.

  • No bikes or non-assistive wheeled vehicles.

  • No re-entry.

  • All students, unless accompanied by an adult, must show a valid school ID from GPPSS schools or the visiting school.

  • Non-high school students will NOT be permitted entry without an adult who will be present for the duration of the event. (1 adult per student unless they are part of the same family)

    • Exceptions may be made by the host school Athletic Director with prior approval if there is an adult present who agrees to be the responsible party for the duration of the event.

  • Fans who engage in inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave.

You came to the game to watch the game. Please be responsible and respectful and model the behavior expected of all students. As we share with our students before big games, “No names, no numbers, no profanity … keep it classy!”

Preparing for your AP, ACT, PSAT, SAT Exams

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Student Safety

Students and Parents,

This is a safety reminder for ALL

It has come to our attention that people are driving too fast on Grosse Pointe Blvd and Fisher Road. PLEASE drive slowly and stop at the marked crosswalks for students to cross. Local authorities will be contacted to monitor these areas.

The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 miles per hour. Speeding or other types of reckless driving shall result in the loss of parking privileges for those with parking passes.

The S-lot is not a student drop off or pick up location. Please use the designated drop off and pick up locations on Fisher Road or Grosse Pointe Boulevard.

Cyclists are expected to use bike racks on campus. When using the S-lot, J-Lot or Fisher Lot, they are urged to follow the same traffic flow as cars, and to observe basic traffic safety rules.

Mopeds should be parking in the designated area in the Fisher Parking Lot and observe basic traffic and safety rules.

Please respect the attendants in our parking lots and follow their directions and instructions. Help us keep everyone safe.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

March 17 - Graduation Speeches Due to K. Parent

March 22 - Graduation Speech Auditions

March 27 - 31 ~ Spring Break

April 4 - Senior Parent Meeting Auditorium 7:00pm

April 6 - End of 3rd Quarter

April 7 ~ Good Friday - NO SCHOOL

April 11 ~ MSTEP

April 12 ~ PSAT/SAT

April 13 ~ Work Keys

April 20 ~ Students AM only (Teacher PD PM)

May 16 - Senior Honors Night Auditorium 6:00pm

June 1 - Cap & Gown Distribution 11:15am

June 2 - Mandatory Commencement Rehearsal 9:45am

June 2 - Senior Prom - Roostertail

June 5 - Commencement Ceremony 6:30pm Front Lawn

June 5 - All Night Party

June 6 - Commencement Ceremony Rain Date

June 9 - Commencement Ceremony 2nd Rain Date