US Citizenship

Learn How to Become a Citizen Today


Naturalization is the process in which a foreign citizen wants to become a US citizen. In order to be naturalized first you must qualify to become a legal citizen, complete an application, attend an interview and pass an english and civics test.

Are you Eligible to become a US citizen?

To be naturalized you must be at least eighteen years of age, a permeant resident of the United States, have to be present for more than five years at the time of your application, and have a good moral character. There also is a worksheet that can help you determine if your eligibly for Naturalization

When Completing Your Application

Must complete the form N-400. Get two Photographs that meet the Immigration requirements.Collect necessary documents.Send in your application, documents and fees.

Fees are $320 for the application fee and $70 for the fingerprint.

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Fingerprints and Being Interviewed

Must receive a appointment letter from the USCIS, go to your finger print location and get your finger prints and then send of any additional information. When being interviewed you have to have an appointment, go to your local office at the specified time, bring ID, answer questions and then take the english and civics test. At the end of being interviewed you will then receive a decision.
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Taking Oath of Loyalty

If you are successful in all the steps then you take the oath of loyalty. You receive a ceremony date. Then you must check in at the ceremony date, return you permanent resident card, are asked questions, and then you take the oath of loyalty