No Promises In The Wind


Book Title

Growing up relates to mostly all of this book.Together, Josh and Joey, leave home and soon find troubles and hardships in their path ahead. While on the road they learn to find jobs by themselves. With no one to take care of them, they end up growing up all by themselves. Until Lonnie, a truck driver, takes them into his home.

Conflict and Outcome

The Conflict and Outcome is Man vs. Society. While the two are out on their own they are facing society. They are trying to survive with the people and problems they face. This book is during the Great Depression. Lots of people are starving and trying to feed their families. Especially Josh and Joey, who are all alone growing up on the road, trying to stay alive.

Character's Remarks

"You've grown Joey," says Josh while they are extending their legs into the other seat. Throughout the story Joey has literally grown bigger and has even grown stronger in surviving on his own for awhile. Josh on the other hand has grown up to becoming a man. He has fallen in love with Janey and Emily in the past months he has been away from home. Josh has also gotten jobs to take care of his brother and himself. They both seem to have grown stronger and responsible for their futures ahead of them.


Josh is 7 years older than his brother Joey. Howie, Josh's friend is a few months younger than Josh. In this book you can also notice that Josh is the older one. That's because he is the leader and seems to have the say in most of the things that happens. Joey looks up to Josh and looks like he thinks of him as a role model. Lonnie, the truck driver, is the oldest and is like a father to the two of them. Joey and Josh have many things that are different about themselves, one thing why that is, is because Josh is more older and smarter.