Caring for the Toddlers

Emotions of Toddlers

Emotions of Toddlers

A child will soon begin to realize what they feel and how to control their feelings

* Recognize what they feel

* Show feelings in ways that don't hurt themselves or others

* Cope with emotions

*Process starts when they are toddlers and takes several years

When a child feels something you should try to give it a name

*Happy- Smiling

*Sad-Crying or Frowning

*Mad-Hit or tantrum

*Scared-Hiding or Crying


*Usually occur around 2 or 3 years old

*Child is usually tired or feeling rushed

*Take them to a quiet calm place and don't punish them or yell they will learn it is okay to yell at people and be mad at everyone

*Stay kind but firm don't let them hurt themselves or others

*Once they calm down ask them how they feel sad, tired, hungry, scared, mad, or even happy

*Don't punish them for tantrums for that is the only way they know how to deal with negative emotions

How to avoid tantrums

* Learn what frustrates your child

*Provide physical activity to relieve your child from stress

*Watch your child for signs of an oncoming tantrum

*Teach them the names of feelings so they can simply say that I am mad

Children do better when they feel better

*Some kids like to be held during tantrums

*Kids who get everything they want struggle when they have limits from other adults

*Power struggles are common with toddlers who think they can do more than they actually can

*Tantrums are normal

*No is normal

When kids are happy



*Play with toys

When kids are sad




When kids are mad






When kids are scared