Dear Guru of the Barber shop

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Dear Guru of the Barber Shop,

My name is Daniel. I'm 14 years old and I live in Grandbury, Texas. I'm a husky boy and I sweat a lot, which causes my razor to slip and cut me while i'm shaving. Are there any tips you could give me that would help me stop the bleeding?

Deodorant stops bleeding!

Dear Daniel,

I would suggest drying your face with a towel before you shave in order to remove any sweat. Now about the bleeding, may I suggest that you apply a little deodorant to the wound. Most deodorants contain Aluminum Chloride (AlCl3) which constricts blood vessels and clots the wound. This should help stop the bleeding. As an added bonus the aluminum chloride also shrinks sweat glands, which should help with your sweating problem. If you get a cut, clean it with an alcohol wipe or a disinfecting agent, then apply the deodorant, then finally put on a band-aid over the wound. Any deodorant, such as Axe or Degree, should work just fine. Hope this helped.

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