How to plan high school dance party on a budget

You don't need to wait for your prom night or a dance club to enjoy a dance party. If you plan and effectively use your resources you can pull up a great dance party on a budget. Here is how you can plan your high school dance party.

Plan a day

It is always better to plan in advance. By fixing a day in advance, you get time to organize the various elements of the dance party. You may need to take approval from your school authority and the venue to organize the party.

Look for a venue

If you smartly choose a venue you can save a lot. You can check with your school authorities, if the school gym or basketball court is available for the event. Alternatively, you can organize the party in your or a friend’s backyard.


Take the required approvals before you invite all your friends to the party. Check with the concerned authorities for the formalities that you need to fulfil to get the required approvals. If you are doing in one of your friend's backyard or your home backyard ask parents and don't forget to give an estimate of how long the party will be.


Lights are an essential part of the party. A dance party is incomplete without disco lights, thick flickering lights and more. You need not spend a fortune to buy these lights. The superstores and departmental stores have a decent range of lights which you can buy without spending a fortune. Do not forget to include, strobe lights, lava lamps and disco balls in your list.

Sound system

Sound system in the heart of the dance party. But, you don't need any big sound system for the dance party. You can make a playlist on your phone and use it to play songs in your party. Else, you can use the built-in app like Garage Band in your iPhone or iPad or MacBook and bring that extra zing in your party.


You can keep a theme for your party to add drama to the gathering. You can choose a retro theme and play old classics of 80’s.


Make a team of volunteers and assign them a budget for decorations. Don't hesitate to ask for help in putting up the decoration. Some additional help from friends will ensure the task is completed in time.

Thus, by following the above tips you can organize your dance party on a budget, but if you have some extra budget, it pays off to hire a DJ who can set up the equipments and ensure you have a good time.


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