Historical Fiction Summary

by Mason Pulis


by Sharon Dennis Wyeth


Corey is a slave that ran away. He lives with his mom, his dad, and his baby sister Star. He is afraid that slave catchers are going to find him and take him back to his old life. Corey lives in a church and his family is trying save up money to build a house. Corey makes lots of friends and his friends are impressed with his bird calls. And Corey even goes to school. But he tries to tell his friend Mingo who didn't run away, so he sends a letter without telling his parents. His Dad tells him that since he sent that letter the slave catchers know where he is. As Corey was walking by the river, he saw a man in a wagon. The man asked Corey to help him organize his wagon and Corey says no. The man says he will pay Corey for it and when Corey is done he realizes the wagon is moving and he jumps off. He realizes the man is a slave catcher. His sister is gone, and he looks everywhere and finally finds her under a tree. Finally his family gets enough money to build a house. But something came in the mail...

Main Character

The main character is Corey and he is a kid that is a slave. He lives with his mom and his dad and his baby sister Star. Corey has dark skin and short dark hair and he is poor. Corey is caring, smart, and an excellent writer.


Corey's house is a warm place with only four walls. His school is just an ordinary school with blacks and whites. His church has lots of big window and long benches. Lots of people come to church.