Welcome to Jamaica

by Brigid

An Island in the Caribbean

Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean, 600 miles south of Miami.The 2012 population of Jamaica is around 2.9 million people. Wow thats a lot of people. Their capital is Kingston. Christopher Columbus landed in 1494. Jamaica is about half the size of NJ. Over one million people visit each year.

What Do Jamaicans Eat?

Have you ever wondered what Jamaicans eat? The most popular food in Jamaica is Jamaican Banana Fritters. To me that food since weird, but to them it’s delicious. It’s mashed banana that is served all day around. It is fried with cinnamon and warm butter. Yum that sounds good. There is also a good drink and it is called Blue Mountain Coffee. It is good and if you don’t want to buy them, you can go pick some.Thats right the beans grow there. To me if I liked coffee I would taste that kind. Blue Mountain Coffee is famous for its non- bitter taste.Next its Plantains which are topped with butter, salt and pepper.They are fried green bananas just like potatoes. I saved the best for last Jerk Chicken. Jerk Chicken is chicken rubbed with spicy Jerk sauce. That must be luscious to taste. If I had it I would love it.

Having Fun In Jamaica

If you like Jamaica and you want to have fun. Go to Dunn's River Falls. Dunn’s River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios. If I was there I would probably stay there for the whole day. Jamaica and a major caribbean tourist attractions that receives thousands of visitors each year. If that place is too far then try going to Kool Runnings. It is located in Negril. It is a five star

water park. To me that sounds like a good water park. It has water slides, lazy rivers, and bungee trampolines.

Montego Bay Attractions

Montego Bay is a major tourist attraction in Jamaica. It is located on the north western coast of Jamaica. It is known for its beautiful white, sandy beaches. Also, it has awesome restaurants and great shopping. Many visitors enjoy traveling on the glass bottom boat, sky-diving, and scuba diving in the warm turquoise water. To me that sounds like a good place to go. If you want to look for fish and crabs, I would recommend going near rocks.

Jamaicans That Made It Big!

Do you know that there are many famous people that came from Jamaica? Well, I am going to share with you three famous Jamaicans that made it big. First, there is Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world. He will be in a movie July 27 2016. He won gold in the 2008 Olympics, and is a world champion. He was the first to break the double triple by winning 100m and 200m title and topped this through the first double triple. That is impressive. The next champ is Bob Marley. Bob Marley is a singer and a song ritter. He is also very popular in Jamaica. He played guitar and was part of a band called the Waller's and went on his own. His first solo album was named Exodus in 1977.That album gave him worldwide fame and he became one of the world's top selling artist of all time. His music include a sense of spirituality.Do you amagen being famous for sining and on his own.

Did You Know?

Trochilus Polytmus is the national bird of Jamaica.
  • 2780,132 people live in Jamaica.

  • 87% people can read.

  • Jamaicans drive on the right hand side of the road.

  • Jamaicans currency dollar bill.

  • The largest butterfly named Giant Swallowtail inhabits Jamaica

Usain Bolt Receives 100m Gold Medal - London 2012 Olympics