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What are vets?

a person who practices veterinary medicine or surgery


Veterinarians are required to complete a four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program in addition to undergraduate school. These professionals are also required to obtain licensure to practice in the profession. Students who wish to enter a veterinary program typically obtain bachelor's degrees in science-related areas, like zoology, molecular biology, chemistry, animal science and biochemistry. DVM programs take four years to complete and are generally divided into two-year segments. The first segment typically consists of classroom instruction, while the last two years focus more on clinical practicums. Coursework typically includes:
  • Animal behavior
  • Veterinary pharmacology
  • Animal nutrition
  • Clinical pathology
  • Large and small animal medicine
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Anesthesia and surgery principles

Top Vet Schools in the U.S.

Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Texas A&M University-College Station in College Station, Texas

Michigan State University in East Lansing Michigan

University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, Wisconsin


According to the BLS, veterinarians earned an average annual wage of $96,140 in May 2013. The upper 10 percent earned $149,530 or more per year, while the lowest paid 10 percent earned $53,270 or less. The scientific research and development and employment services industries were the highest-paying employers of veterinarians, paying average salaries of more than $127,000 per year.


Small animal vets perform services like spaying and neutering, setting broken bones, treating wounds and providing geriatric care for older pets. They also might take x-rays, dispense prescription medicine for animals with sicknesses, inoculating pets against diseases, performing surgeries, and, if necessary, euthanasia.

Large animal vets usually engage in production medicine, which involves treating animals in an entire herd to prevent disease. They also advise farm owners on production concerns and animal feeding, as well as maintaining sanitary conditions. Large vets also work in food inspection where they must ensure that animals are free of communicable diseases. This also includes placing animals in quarantine and investigating meat processing facilities to make sure that they are in compliance with government regulations.

Best Cities

City and Median Salary

➳ Palm Coast, FL $161,160

➳ Akron, OH $109,830

➳ San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles, CA $119,300

➳ Nashua, NH $108,180

➳ Haverhill-North Andover-Amebsury, MA $100,900

➳ Rockford, IL $121,270

➳ Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford, VA $98,750

➳ Santa Rosa-Petaluma, CA $101,360

➳ State College, PA $97,390

➳ Asheville, NC $100,090