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Dear Families,

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend.

The Virtual Science Fair was a day full of active learning and SHARING! 63 students submitted science fair project videos to the Virtual Science Fair Flipgrid and there has been 2,258 views!! I had an opportunity to review each video and I am completely amazed, although not surprised, by the quality of their work, dedication to the inquiry process, and excellent communication skills while incorporating scientific academic language. Students were knowledgeable about their projects and it was evident they spent a lot of time, learned a great deal, and had fun in the process! Fabulous job to all!

A huge thank you to Mr. Lewis-Lahey for organizing a day full of scientific inquiry and learning. A special THANK YOU to the HSA for sponsoring the StoryTellers Show. The feedback from the students was extremely positive. It was a great day of learning fun!

Student Learning Intentions for the Week

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May 25th- May 29th

This schedule is to help keep students organized on which Specials activities to complete. However, students will be able to access Specials activities throughout the week. The letter day will be shared by your child's homeroom teacher each day.

Parents please remind your child to make sure they are completing the activities in the Special Area classrooms as well each week. Your special area teachers are also working very hard to provide your child with content from these specialized areas as well. We appreciate your assistance.

Tuesday, May 26th is an E day.

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Sussex Avenue School Home and School Association (HSA) E-Blast

Stay tuned...

Developing Master Readers at Home

Dear Educators and Caregivers,

As the education community adapts to distance learning and supporting students outside of school buildings, we know that building literacy skills for students while also maintaining social-emotional learning is critically important. Social-emotional learning (SEL) is defined as the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions*. What better way to support the development of SEL and literacy skills than to focus on both at the same time through reading and storytelling?

Reading aloud to children is more than just reading. It is taking them on an adventure. It is sharing what you are wondering, and it is learning how to think like a reader. Research has proven the importance and value of reading to children, and with reading comes meaningful conversation about the emotions of characters, themes of the book, and relatable challenges. It also invites a reader's curiosity about something new.

We have curated a group of stories meant to do all of those things, and of course, we have a few that are simply meant to be read for pleasure and to make us laugh. In order to support educators and caretakers develop “master readers” , our team wanted to share a few of our favorite children’s books with you and the children you support. You’ll notice that the stories we chose will also highlight characters' thoughts, challenges, and emotions. Talking through these with your child will help develop those SEL skills. We’ve also created an accompanying guide outlining best practices in building literacy to support you as you use the videos.

Below you’ll find a resource which suggests “reading” and listening to each book or story at least three times over the course of a week along with things to do before, during, and after reading to help you develop master readers. During the videos, pause to ask questions or wonder with your child as you read. After you read, engage in a conversation about the book using the tips in the guide, and extend themes from the book into your everyday life so that students build literacy and thinking connections. We hope that this supports you as you embrace the joys of reading and storytelling with students and children.


The Panorama Education Team

Visit for books being read aloud for your little ones. *Definition from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

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Attention: Parents of 5th Graders

Save the Date!

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Student Attendance

Please note that all district policies remain in effect during this extended closure. Attached is the district attendance policy for your review. The school must be able to account for the whereabouts of the students that are enrolled. Should your child not be able to 'attend' to lessons for the day for any reason, please contact Ms. Goss to report your child absent at 973-292-2250 ext 6552.

If you are in need of assistance outside of school hours

Click here for Morristown Emergency Resources during the COVID Pandemic - Health, Housing, and Food

If you need immediate assistance:

2nd Floor Helpline: Call or text 888-222-2228

National Suicide Prevention Helpline: Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

24/7 to be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center

Performcare- Mobile Response Services: 1-877-652-7624

Crisis Hotline Serving Morris County: 888-247-1400

Of course, if this is an emergency call 9-1-1.