The Accoutning Cycle

8 Steps To Accounting

Learn how the Accounting Cycle Works

Step 1-4

Step 1:Analyze Transactions- Collecting and analyzing data from transactions and events

Step 2: Journalize Transactions-Putting transactions into the general journal

Step 3: Post Transaction-Posting entries to the general ledger

Step 4: Prepare Work Sheet-Preparing an unadjusted trial balance

Steps 5-7

Most asked questions and step 8

Frequently asked questions

What is an Accounting Cycle?

How do you prepare a worksheet?

Last step is to prepare post-closing trial balance

Preparing a post-closing trial balance to check the accounts

A Brief Explanation on THE Accounting Cycle

lecture 6 - the accounting cycle

A longer video explains how the accounting cycle truly works

The Accounting Cycle

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Learn how to do this cycle

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