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outer planet

symbol of Saturn

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How Saturn got it's name!

saturn got his name from the Roman god of agriculture.

how Saturn got discovered!

In1655,Galileo Galilei saw saturn for the first time.

planet Saturns planet appearance!

lots of people say that saturn is the most beautiful plannet Becuase of it's rings.It's the second largest planet.saturn is a gas giants.

Distances of Saturn

Order from the Sun:6

Distance from the sun in AU:9.6AU

in km:1,429million km

Distance from the Earth in AU:9.58AU

in km:1.2 billions km

Orbit and Rotation of Saturn

Number of days to orbit around the sun:10,759.2 earth days

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):10hour 13min

Water forms on Saturn

There is no water in saturn!

Weather on Saturn

It is very cold there.it is so cold you can die of coldness.it is so cold because it is far far away from the sun and it dosen't get alot of heat.

Rings and Satellites on Saturn

saturn has rings!Thay are made of dust,rock,

Exploration to Saturn

There are large satellite.There are lots of satellite.

Human colony on Saturn

no!Because it is sow far away from the sun and you con die of coldness.

Picture of Saturn

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Atmosphere and Temperature of Saturn

The atmosphere in saturn is gasey and rockey.The temperature in saturn is 88kc-185c-290F.