Yellow Ducks

May 9-13

Quack, Quack!

This week in Chapel, we learned about Zaccheus. In Character Education with Mrs. Jones, we talked about being nice to our friends; we read the book Be Polite and Kind. If you ask your child, "Why are good manners important?" we hope that they will answer, "Because they make the world a nicer place." : )

We'd like to clarify something that was a little confusing: On the last day of school (May 25th), please get your child at 11:00 from the classroom and take him/her out to the school-wide Picnic. The Picnic is over at 12:00. Thank you!

I love him & he loves me & Daddy is his name, oh! D-A-D-D-Y...

Important Dates & Reminders:

May 25: NOON dismissal; Last day of school; School-wide picnic on playgrounds at 11:00

June 13: Summer camp begins

June 19: Father's Day