Technology Distractions 2016

Spend more time off your devises.


In the time we live in today technology is all around us and controls almost everything.

texting and driving

In today's society almost everyone with a license is guilty of doing this. people are so attached to their phones the are willing to put other peoples lives in danger to send a text. roughly 2,500 deaths and 330,000 injuries accrued last year due to texting and driving. people are to worried about what they might miss in a short amount of time and that why people dont want to leave their phones side at any point in time.
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At the work place

Even when working people use their phones and don't work or don't do their job right because they are worried about what is going on elsewhere. Being on the phone at the work place can also cause serious injuries to the person or a co worker.While doing this the productivity of the staff will go down and so will quality of work.
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while with friends

Even when outdoors and doing activity's away from distractions people still need to be connected to the rest of the world. As seen here he is ignoring his friends in order to update his Instagram with a selfie he took of himself with the gun. The way people use technology these days almost pushes people away.
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Not on task

Its really annoying when you expect someone to have something done in a timely manner and they are too busy on their phone to care about the task at hand. Wether its picking up shells to doing the laundry technology has caused the biggest distraction ever.
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lonely people

This sad little man lost his family and friends because of the cell phone and is now resorting to standing beside a light pole with only his cigarette to love him. Even other tech items can ruin a family, from a work computer or even the latest gaming console.
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lack of fiscal interest

Its all over social media, "Get 6 Pack Abs!!", "Lose 20 Pounds Fast!!!" most of these ads promote that you can sit on your butt and do nothing and you will achieve the physique you desire. There are too many things in the tech world that draw you to sit down and relax but in reality people need to get up and move!
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family dinner

instead of having family dinners everyone is on social media and not really connecting with their family. people grow further apart the more you ignore them or dont talk to them. it would be nice to get bake to a time where everyone would converse at the dinner table.
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parents and kid

with cell phones its so easy to tune out the baby. moms and dads pay attention to their phones almost as much as they do their own kids. this is more common in the younger generation.
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phones are becoming a problem in america nad the rest of the world. people need to be more self relient and not depend on their phone for a good majority of the day.