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Intro to Essential Oils & Salve Class

Saturday, January 31 @ 2 in Fishers

We will be doing a brief introduction of essential oils and you will have the opportunity to make salves!

I will have all the supplies needed to make a salve and you will need to supply your oils if you are currently an "oiler" with Experience dōTERRA Health.

The cost for each 4 oz. salve will be $7.00. Make sure to order your oils on your next Loyalty Rewards Order! The oils aren't included in the price of the salve! If you bring your own recycled jars your cost will be $5.00.

If you choose to become a member at the class a 4 oz. salve will be available for you to take home at no additional cost.

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All Purpose Healing Salve: Completely natural healing, softening and antiseptic properties.

One recipe of All Purpose Healing Salve and a selection of essential oils can make four 4 oz custom blends simply by changing the essential oils in the basic recipe.

The base of the salve is organic cold pressed coconut oil and olive oil. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer as well as antibacterial. Olive oil has lots of anti-oxidants, including Hydroxytyrosol and other anti-inflammatory properties.

The Basic Ingredients ~

The Basic Ingredients ~

One recipe will fill four 4 oz glass jam jars.

1 Cup Coconut Oil (we will be using Tropical Traditions)
1 Cup Olive Oil
4 T. Beeswax Pastilles

To Begin:

Slowly melt the coconut, olive oil and beeswax in a warm bath, stirring with a knife every few minutes until melted. While waiting for the melt, line up four 4 oz jam jars with your essential oils nearby. Decide which blends you want to create and add the essential oils to each jar before filling.

Fill each jar with the melted coconut and olive oil stopping a half inch from the rim. Let cool until the salve hardens. Top with a paper towel while cooling. Secure lid tightly after the salve hardens.

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The Blends:

DIY Immortelle: Frankincense, Lavender and Cypress are used as an anti-aging blend. While this blend doesn't contain Helichrysum or Rose essential oils, it's a powerful trio creating a potent anti-aging blend. Add 10 drops each to 4 oz jar.

L.L.P. ~ Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint, an all natural anti-histamine with far reaching benefits. Especially beneficial for allergies that manifest themselves through skin outbreaks or chronic itching. LLP has skin softening, soothing and the antibacterial properties of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. Add 10 drops each to one 4 oz jar.

Sassy Salve~The Slim & Sassy (Sleep) salve is great on your feet at night before bed to help you sleep and I use it on my legs and thighs after getting out of the shower to help with cellulite!

All Purpose Healing Salve This recipe uses the antiseptic properties of Lemon, Melaleuca and Lavender.

Dry, cracked heels

Chapped hands

Chapped lips

Scaly elbows

After shower moisture

Scratches, bruises, cuts, insect bites

Fungal infections

Diaper rash

Hand sanitizer/moisturizer

Wound salve for horses and dogs

8 drops Lavender
6 drops Lemon
4 drops Melaleuca

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