Texting while driving is ILLEGAL

Regardless of age


  • In 2011, at least 23% of automobile crashes involved a cell phone. That's 1.3 MILLION crashes.
  • 5 SECONDS is the MINIMAL amount of time your eyes are taken off the road while texting and driving.
  • Text messaging makes crash up to 23 Times MORE likely

Laws Against Texting and Driving:

There is no nation ban on using an cellular device while driving but many states, including Illinois, have passed laws banning on texting or wireless phones or are requiring hands free use of phones while operating a vehicle.

The state of Illinois has BANNED CELL PHONE USE FOR ALL DRIVERS!!!

Exception to the law- Drivers over age 18 are permitted to use a HANDS FREE device while driving.

Consequences of Texting and Driving:

  1. Tickets: Many states allow law enforcement to issue drivers a traffic citation SOLELY for texting and driving
  2. Driver's License Points: Drivers in states where they use a point system to track your driving record can incur points for Texting and Driving.
  3. Insurance Penalties: Insurance companies have access to the "point system" and can use texting and driving as a reason to raise a driver's insurance premium.
  4. Criminal Charges: Many states dole out sever punishment, including jail time in some cases, for behind- the- wheel texting.
  5. Guilt: Texting takes your attention away from the road, which can lead to an accident, and that can lead to the death of others or yourself.

Texting and driving can cost you your freedom, your fiances, and most devastatingly of all, your conscious.