Ms. Meyer's Classroom

Physical Education


Hello!  My name is Amber Meyer, I am a graduate from the University of Dubuque which is in Dubuque Iowa.  At the University of Dubuque I developed a degree in Physical Education and Coaching K-12.  Also I have a endorsement as a Instructional Strategist.  At the University I participated softball for all four years; it was a great experience.      I grew up in Bernard, Iowa where I went to Cascade High School.  I lettered all four years in softball, basketball, and volleyball.  My favorite class in high school was Physical Education.    I currently live in Dubuque, Iowa with my roommate and dog named Rufus.  In my free time I enjoy reading, riding horses, playing sports, and being active.     I am very excited to be given the opportunity to educate your children in Physical Education.  This year will be fun filled and great opporunity for your children to get an education while staying active.
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My Philosophy

My philosophy of Physical Education is to teach my students to utilize physical activity to contribute to an individual’s fitness, psychomotor, cognitive, and effective areas of development.  I want my students to learn the fundamentals of the lessons they are being taught, as well as experience the benefits of a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Therefore my students need to participate in the task given to gain the knowledge for them to succeed.  I will evaluate my student’s strengths and skill levels; so I can grade them fairly.  This will help me get to know my students better and make them succeed to the best of their abilities. Physical education should promote goal-setting, teamwork, respect, and responsibility.  I will motivate my students to achieve these goals so they can feel accomplished within themselves. Teamwork will be shown everyday in the lessons given, along with respect to their classmates and myself.  Each student will be responsible to make the classroom a safe and fun environment by following the rules.  I want my students to participate in my Physical education class to help develop life skills which will lead the students to live a full and productive life, in and out of school. 

Classroom Rules

Every classroom needs to have displine and rules.  Having rules in the classroom makes it not only easier for me to teach but the students to learn as well.  If these rules are broken you will first be warned verbally.  If the rule is broken again you will have to sit out of activity at hand and write page about why you broke the rule again and an apology to the class for interrupting with your out burst.  Rules: -MUST HAVE PARTICIPATION -Treat others the way you would like to be treated. -Hands to your self. -Respect your classmates and teacher. -Play Fair and be honest. -Always play by the rules of the game.-HAVE FUN

Classroom Units

    This year we will be doing several units that challenge your children to learn new skills in several sports and activities. I thought you would like to know what units your children will be participating in this school year.  These are all sports that will help you kids learn to work as a team and gain confidence in themselves as well.  Fall  - Soccer - Flag Football -Ultimate -Frisbee - Fitness Test    Winter - Volleyball - Floor Hockey- Pickle ball- Basketball   Spring -Handball - Golf - Softball - Cricket - Fitness Test

Classroom Management Plan

 I believe Classroom Management is very important in a Physical Education classroom. I believe that if students are in a safe environment, then be active and learning can take place.  Having the right environment for all students to learn and be active is my major goal of implementing good classroom management; without it the students would not be able to learn.   

Classroom Cue's & Routine

 Classroom Cue:    In my classroom the mine cue I use for managing my classroom is my whistle.  I know some teachers over use the whistle in their physical education classrooms but I am not that way.  I mainly just use the whistle for start and stop.  Only on occasion will I use it to get the students action.        My Classroom Routine:    Every routine in each classroom will start and finish the same.  You will get five minutes before class to change into you P.E. clothes and tennis shoes which should be wore every class.  You will get the last ten minutes of class for the boys to shower and the girls to shower or freshen up before the bell.  Hygiene is a key component in a child’s life.  The remaining class time will depend on what activity we are doing that particular day.