Career Cluster


Duties and responsibilities

  • Clean and level the surface to be tiled
  • Measure and cut tile and marble
  • Arrange tiles according to design plans
  • Prepare and apply mortar and other adhesives
  • Install tile and marble in a planned area
Can work evenings and weekends and work indoors like stores and houses (etc) with many opportunities to advance.

Salary/range with experience

(per hr.) $17.81

(per yr.) $37,040

I think some benefits are...

  • able to fix things around your house instead paying someone
  • good skills
  • good pay
Education needed

  • Batchelers degree
  • 2 years of school
Personality needed

  • To be strong
  • Hardworking
  • Independent
  • Friendly
My advise is...

  • learn to manage money
  • practice on things at home

  • good pay
  • good skill to learn
  • don't have to pay someone to fix things around the house
  • easy to get hurt
  • work yr. round
  • less time to be with family