Sighet, Transylvania

Hunter Buchman, Destiny Mcgilll, Martin Torres

Facts About Sighet, Transylvania

  • significant Jewish population can be traced to the early 18th century when there were approximately 100 Jews living in the town.
  • Ellie Wiesel and his family lived in here with 1,000 Jews.
  • The sighet ghetto was extremely crowded.
  • the ghetto was controlled by colonel savari
  • Jews were deported from Sighet to Auschwitz from May 17th to 21st.
  • in the 19th century once it became possible for Jews to own land and timber many Jews worked in the lumber industry
  • after the war only several hundred of the 14,000 returned.

More Facts

  • Deportation from the two sections of the sighet ghetto were carried out in four stages.
  • the residents of the larger sections were deported to the smaller location of "oberyash" and from there to Auschwitz .
  • in the ghetto Jews were forced to wear yellow stars and had curfews.
  • The sighet ghetto was established on April 18th - 20th
  • prime minister General Dome Sztojay cooperated with Germany and allowed the Jews to be deported.
  • Ellie Wiesels mother, Sarah and his younger sister , tzipora were among those sent to the gas chamber