Paper Towns

By: Gabby Traina



This story takes place in Jefferson Park a fictional subdivision. This subdivision is located in a suburb of Orlando, Florida.


At the beginning of the story two young kids (Margo & Quentin) are running around the park playing and having a good day when suddenly they run into a dead body. When they see this body they quickly run home and tell there parents. Nine years later Margo has separated from Quentin, but one night she comes knocking on his window late at night. Margo needs a favor, she needs Quentin to drive her around all night so that she can get revenge on her boyfriend and a couple other people. Quentin was hesitant to go but decides to anyways, after the night is over Quentin is so excited to see Margo the next day because they have finally became friends again. Quentin eagerly waits for the rest of the week for Margo to show up but she never comes, Quentin then notices some clues and decides to start looking for her. He asks all of his friends to help him find her and they go on a long journey trying to find her. To figure out how it ends you'll have to read the story!!

What I learned

Through this story i learned a lot about friendship. This story truly shows that your real friends are the ones that are always there for you, even after nine years of not talking. Through out the story you can really see how each friendship grows in a different way.

Would i recommend this book??

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