Peek at the Week



This Week

Monday, 3/16- OUSD Data Summit (ILT Team)

Tuesday, 3/17- Math Walk Through & Observation) (Robin Lovell & Celia Pascual visiting Wolfe and Sullivan)

Weds, 3/18- PD, 1:40-3pm- See Info. below

Weds, 3/18- PTA Meeting, 6pm (Toller, Jacobsen)

Sunday, 3/22- Oratorical Final (Jacobsen & Fifth grade girls)

Tuesday, 3/24- LaResha Martin observing BAL with Chelsea (Wong & Granda)

Weds. 3/25- Stop Waste Assembly- K-2 8:35-9:20 and 3-5 9:30-10:15

Looking Ahead

Friday, 5/1- Science Fair

Teaching & Learning

Weds. PD

1:40-We will all meet in Room 10 for some quick announcements.


3-5 Room 10 for SBAC Interim Test Training with Miller, Morgan & Ross

K-2 Room TBD with Celia to plan for Spring Math Lesson Study

Data Wall- Done!

Thanks for updating the data walls-- All K-5 are updated! Several of you told me that you found the process helpful and ended up taking grade level time to reflect on your students who are stuck or are still red.

Report Card Communication with Parents

Let your parents know via room parents and through your weekly communications that report cards will go home on Friday, 3/20. I need your help to get this message out as the district calendar says 3/13.

Ready to Be a BAL Leader?

This Summer trainers from Teacher's College will be in Oakland to give a one week PD. Focusing on Reading Workshop, this training will be delivered to teams of 5 from each school. These teams will be expected to deliver a condensed version back at their sites during the Fall of 2015-16. If you are interested, please let your site literacy coach/TSA know and tentatively mark your calendar for the week of July 27th - 31st.

Parent Conferences

Thursday, 4.2 and Friday, 4/2 are shortened days to support you in having Parent Conferences. In addition, you should use the three hours per the contract to meet with parents this month.

Parents of students who are not showing growth or who are still in red in language arts, should be met with during these time slots.

Operations & Logistics

Bulletin Board Spring Cleaning!

It's time to take a little pride in your hallway bulletin board....some are looking a little old, others a little tattered, a few out of season. Please get your bulletin board up to snuff by 4/1 and/or ask for Mrs. Lewis to help you by putting up art (your students could even WRITE about their art and you could post that too).

Your bulletin board can serve to showcase student work, reinforces your instruction (I learned a lot about the anatomy of the human body every time I walked past Litt's body projects), share with the school what you are teaching and learning, and demonstrates the pride that we take in our school.

Social Emotional Learning & Wellness

Save the Date- Assembly

Weds. 3/25-

Stop Waste Assembly

K-2 8:35-9:20

3-5 9:30-10:15

This is optional...just let me know if you aren't going...

Zsharp is Back!

We have two new Zsharp Teacher joining us for K-3 music. Ms. Sonya will be here on Mondays and Ms. Julie will be here on Fridays. They will provide six weeks of music leading up to our concert in late April.

The K-3 performance will be in the evening on 4/28 in the Glenview auditorium. Please ask parents to save the date!


Glenview met the three goals for the California Healthy Kids Survey (students, teachers, parents). We are officially "Triple Crown" and will be receiving a breakfast from the district sometime this Spring! Thanks for your help in collecting the surveys and turning them in to the office.

PEACE in the Halls

As the weather warms, so does student energy level....please take the time to practice and remind your students how to enter and walk around the building quietly and calmly.

In addition, let's monitor our own "peacefulness". Sometimes I find myself louder the students when I am trying to quiet them down.

Teach AND PRACTICE with your students the use of a non-verbal quiet sign. And in following our PBIS practices, REWARD positive behavior, rather than punishing or calling attention to the behavior you don't want to see.

Safety First

Next Drill

Our next "surprise" drill will be an earthquake drill.

1) Drop under the desk and hold on.

2) Exit the building calmly and quietly like a fire drill and wait for directions.

Technology Tidbits