New Product: The DeTexinator

Guaranteed to Keep Your Family Safe While Driving

What is the Detexinator?

The Detexinator is a small device the size of a pocket watch. This device is placed under the steering wheel in any vehicle. The Detexinator will disable any text service any time the vehicle is put into drive. The will prevent people from texting and driving at the same time.

Product Features

* Small unnoticeable device.

* One size fits all vehicles.

* Applies to all cell phones.

* Can not be turned off manually.

* Can not be disabled by driver.

Target Market

This product is geared toward parents of teenagers who are concerned about the safety of their children who may try to text and drive at the same time.

Both males and females will be marketed to. (mothers and fathers)

This product will be marketed to all ethnic backgrounds.


Key2Safe Driving: $550 (Can be purchased at Amazon)

No Texting While Driving App: $350 (Can be purchased on Apple Store)

Special Phone that has a no texting: $400 (Sprint)

Detexinator Final Price: $199.95 This product will be sold at Walmart.

Emotional Appeal Technique

This would be how the Detexinator product commercial would start with the product information coming after proving how it can keep your family safe by eliminating the text feature.
BMW Dont Text and Drive


6 out of 7 Policeman recommend installing a Detexinator into your vehicle.

Installing the Detexinator could reduce up to 65% of all accidents.

Celebrity Endorsement

Mike Mccarthy Green Bay Packers head coach believes in the Detexinator and already purchased one for the entire Packer coaching staff.


Detexinator is the Accident Eliminator

Savings Appeal

If you are one of the first 100 callers to call: 1-800-detexinator you will receive a second Detexinator for half price.