Animal Extinction

Us or Ecosystem?

Our Effect on Animal Extinction

  • Humans have invented and changed millions of things that alter earth and earths ecosystems. What we don't think about is how this changed ecosystem is effecting animals and all living things. A few of the many things we do that damage the ecosystem and then all living things are....
  • We are setting off pollution that infects the air and water
  • We cut down animals natural habitats
  • We hunt animals close to extinction

Earths effect on extinction

Looking at earths past and the fossil records we can see many species have gone extinct and others have evolved to survive. Some mass extinctions have been caused by natural disasters of earth like volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes and much more. So the question is are we responsible of species extinction or is it a natural cycle of earth.
This video shows recent species that have gone extinct in the 20th century. So humans were on earth during the time these species disappeared.
Created by Stefan Bradley