The Dove and The Tiger

A happily ever after By: Jordan Hunter

There was a young tiger, this tiger was the king of the forest, although he did not have a lot of friends. The tiger decided to go for a walk somewhere to think about being king and his friends. There was a little dove, flying high above the trees saw the tiger and came down to see what the king was doing in this part of the woods. "Hello how are you today?" Said the dove "Oh I'm doing quite fine, how about you?" said the tiger in a booming voice. " I'm doing good, just flying above the trees as usual.", "If I may ask what are you doing in this part of the woods its not the safest here." said the little dove in a quiet voice" Yes, yes, yes I am aware of the dangers found in these woods." said the tiger, "I am here to think some things over, I don't have a lot of friends to talk to back in the cave." " Well I can relate to that, not a lot of friends up in the sky anymore."

So the tiger and the dove were walking along the vibrant green grass, talking about there two different of worlds. When a large panther came along, and tried to attack the tiger. The dove came up to the panther and started to peck at his head. The panther ran away and they both never saw him again. The oddest of friends, a tiger and a dove, this goes to show that you never know who you will meet!