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April 2019

From the Desk of Mrs. Uhlorn

Welcome to the 4th quarter families. I am sure you are welcoming this warmer weather as much as we are. With that being said, we have many students who are starting to ride bikes and walk to school, which we LOVE. Please use extra caution when driving around our neighborhoods and give your children friendly reminders to be safe when leaving for school.

We are quickly approaching our annual state mandated standardized testing, also known as the ISAT. Teachers will be communicating their testing schedule with you through their classroom newsletters. Please consider the testing schedule when making appointments for your child(ren), as it is difficult to find times to makeup the test during the short testing window. As always, research suggests a high protein breakfast in the morning enhances a student's ability to attend to tasks for a longer period of time, as opposed to if they consume a sugary breakfast. Additionally, eight hours of sleep a night during the week of testing is crucial for your child to optimally perform during the school day. Your child(ren) have been hard at work learning many new concepts this year, we want them to be able to demonstrate their knowledge to the best of their ability. All factors outlined are essential to success.

Also, this quarter I will be scheduling a half-day session with each grade level to make informed decisions about class placements for every child. I welcome your input regarding what is best for your child(ren). Please feel free to email me or fill out the following document, which can be turned into the front office. I am asking you refrain from using specific teacher names, instead let me know how your child(ren) learns best. I also appreciate special considerations that need to be accounted for. If you ask for a specific teacher the request will not be considered. Again, I appreciate your input, as you know your child(ren) best.

I recently came across this article and felt compelled to share with you. I often talk to parents who inquire about other students in our building. Specifically, about how we are working with "that child". I want to ensure you, I am aware of challenging behaviors and am always working alongside our teachers/staff to ensure the safety of our students. However, know I cannot share confidential information with you, as this is a violation of their federal rights under FERPA. It's like the HIPPA of education. Please take a moment to read and consider, "that child" is often facing adversity. How I approach working with that student may look differently than the traditional methods used when you and I were in school. I, along with teachers will always protect confidential rights of our students.

With all of this being said, have a wonderful spring. I am hopeful this last quarter will bring many positive memories as we transition into the summer months. As always, feel free to email, call, or make an appointment should you have questions or concerns about anything. I am always here to support where I can.


Valerie. Uhlorn

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