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September 2019

A Focus on Creativity

This year at Beckman High School we are turning our focus to Creativity. “Why,” you ask? A quick internet search for “future job skills” will yield numerous articles citing the need for “Creativity” or “Creative Problem Solving” in the future work force. (Here’s one from the World Economic Forum). At Beckman, we realize the need to expose our students to creativity and recognize that creativity is not exclusive to the art department. As a result, we are educating our teachers on the basics of Creativity and working to incorporate opportunities to utilize creativity within the various subject areas here on campus. As we move through the year, look for more information about how we are working to add more creativity here at Beckman.

Back to School Night

Thursday, Sep. 5th, 6:30pm

3588 Bryan

Irvine, CA

Come meet the teachers and get a quick taste of what goes in in your child's classroom. Details about the schedule for the night will be emailed home. Make sure you print a copy of your child's schedule so you know where you are going!

How do teachers get ready for the new school year?

  • After enjoying their time off over the summer, many teachers arrive to campus early to take part in professional development. This year we had several teachers attend the AP in the OC training that was held here at Beckman. Here teachers learned about the changes to the AP curriculum and collaborated with subject alike peers from various sites to share best practices. Both AP and non-AP teachers participated in the training to gain insight on best instructional practices.
  • A number of Beckman teachers also participated in optional TUSD academies that were held in all subject areas. These academies are a year-long commitment to employing engaging and meaningful strategies in the classroom. These academy participants arrived on campus a few days early to participate in a launch event before school begins.
  • On Friday, August 9th all of our teaching staff took part in staff development designed to redefine or expand teacher's current definition of Creativity. Take a look at the photos below for an idea of what our teachers did.

"Happy Birthday" on the Marquee

For $25 you can have a birthday wish displayed on the Beckman Marquee. All proceeds go directly to PTO and benefit students in need.

Submit request here

Student Spotlight - Sydney Imus

It’s customary to have an athlete miss some time in their sport due to a broken bone, a sprain or some other type of injury. Sydney Imus, a Volleyball player at BHS, lost a portion of her Sophomore season due to the discovery of a brain lesion. She was experiencing random dizziness and would lose track of her thoughts and where she was. Doctors were unable to find the cause of the lesion nor what triggered any of her symptoms which are still an ongoing battle for her today. Sydney was learning to deal with her new normal which she wasn’t sure would include volleyball. To help cope with her random episodes, she began undergoing what is called balance therapy which teaches her brain to reroute the neurons to avoid the lesion. Sydney worked extremely hard to embrace her symptoms and got herself back on the volleyball court for her Junior and now Senior seasons. When asked about publicizing her story, Sydney responded “Sharing my story is my way of inspiring other athletes to work through difficult times.” Sydney is the starting Lebaro for a very good Patriot team this year and her new normal is displaying her tremendous character.


Save the Date for PSAT on October 19th. Exam will be free for 11th grade students. $21 for all other grade levels. Registration details coming soon.

Friday Night Lights

Math and Science Tutoring at Beckman

Does your student need a little extra help in math or science? Maybe they just need a place to go and work quietly with the assurance that someone is there IF they need help? Thanks to the support of Beckman's EdFund, we have partnered with Cal State Fullerton to provide highly qualified tutors Mon - Thurs after school from 2:45 - 4:15 in rooms 708 (Math) and 706 (Science). The tutors are aspiring math and science teachers who are excited to help our students. Please take advantage of this great resource!

Last Day to Request a Class Change

District policy states that students wishing to make a course change have until the fourth Friday of the semester to request the change. This year, the last date to make such a request falls on September 6th. Keep in mind that changes can only be made if space permits. Also, we will not grant teacher change requests. Students wishing to request a change will need to complete an Add/Drop form found on the Beckman website and turn it into the counseling office.

PTO Corner

Beckman PTO brings parents and teachers together, sharing the goal of providing a well-rounded learning environment for our students that involves academics, arts, athletics, social activities and more. Every family is welcome and encouraged to become a Beckman PTO Member.

Save the dates! Our next PTO Meeting is Wednesday, 9/18 @ 6:30 p.m.

Then in October, join us for a special PTO meeting with speaker Cindy Muchnick “Navigating the Road to College”, on 10/23 @ 7 p.m.!

In this month’s PTO Corner, discover five (5) important reasons why your membership donation is crucial to PTO (link)

Plus… PTO’s Back-to-School Checklist for every Patriot family. (link)

PTO extends a special thank you to sponsors Zov’s Restaurants and Teen Road to Safety Driving School.