Go back in time: Jurassic Period

By, Kylie .O. Morizot

Come visit the Jurassic Period and see what it has to offer

Here in the Jurassic period we have things you've never seen and wish to see

Time Portal to the Jurassic Period

Thursday, June 4th 2020 at 6:30am to Friday, July 3rd 2020 at 8:30am

The Time Portal Emporium


7:00- Walk through the time portal

8:00- Check into hotel

9:00- eat breakfast

10:00- Exlore the plains in a dinoball

12:00- Lunch in the Pterodactyl dome (under bullet proof glass)

1:00- Rest of planned events

5:00- Freshen up

7:00- Dinner under the stars

9:00- Go back to hotel room

(Same schedule except different events)

What to bring or What to expect

  1. It is often hot and moist so I would wear summer clothes unless you want to visit the polar regions so then I would bring a coat.
  2. If you want to camp outside we will pack you food and you might want to get a blanket.
  3. If you camp outside you must stay inside of the dinoball at all times
  4. If you are allergic to anything tell us first and we can decide if you should come here
  5. Always plan for weather so bring a rain jacket or something that will keep you dry

Historical Hotspots

You may visit historical spots but we advise you bring a tour guide with you. Sites you can visit are

  • The meteor hole (not actually there)
  • The Dinosaur forest
  • Mountains
  • The Dinosaur Beach (have to stay back at least 10yd and if anything happens you can't sue us)
  • Hanglide in the air