Engage and Learn August 7, 2015


Teachers Are Fun. I Don't Know.
Well, I hope everyone's week has gone smoothly. I will be having this same question for Argos next week. :) I have been seeing some great things already happening!! Kids smiling and coming to school ready to learn! If you need me in anyway, please to not hesitate to email me and I will do my best to see you in person or help you via email. :)
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Schedule and Shout Outs

Shout outs:

Mrs. Branda for finding a digital solution for an external grade book. :)

Mrs. Scott for finding Periscope App to experience her daughter's performance from miles away. Oh the possibilities.

Mrs. Stevens for making amazing movie trailers of books the kids read throughout the year!! Then, the kids edited their own projects on iMovie. Awesome.

Mrs. Ousley, Mrs. Mattix, Mrs. Pitera for starting to understand Google Classroom and how it can apply to her classroom.

Miss Hoag and Mrs. Leeper for learning how to use their Promethean Boards.


Triton: Thursday and Friday

Culver: Monday

Argos: Tuesday and Wednesday

Duolingo: The Best Way to Learn a Language