Pitsco Rotation 5

Session 3

This is were we stated looking at the slides through the micro scope and preforemored the th difrent manences. Also we looked at diffrent tyes of immunities and vaccines aswell as the percentage of the population that gets them . There were also a few things that refered to the types of blood cells and the human immune system.

Sessoin 6 (the last)

This session coontaied mostly the reveiw for the post test on every thing we leaned in the previos sessoins before it has games like Bloop and the other one with a few extra activitys involving the microscope and a few different slides to look at.

Session 4

In this session we identified different types of bactiria and germs through a microscope and looked up how they build immunity and spread through out the community . Also we looked at the human blood cells through the microscope

Session 5

This is the session were we started to look at the human blood cells and observe the diffrences between the blood and bactiria cells through the microscope. And we also compared the different tyes of bactiria to the blood cells to see how thy couldaffect the fuctions of the blood in the body

Job outlooks

Doctors that diagnose different sicknesses and prescribe medicines to fight them off ($75.00/hour)- 3 to 4 days a week/ flexable appointment hours , Surgeons who preform work on the immune system ($90.00/hour) 4 days a week- 6 to 7 hours/day, Genetic testers who find out if a dessiess run in someone genes ($78.00/hour) 5 days a week- 5 to 8 hours/day, VACC scientist who work to find different vaccinations to help prevent sickness ($95.00/hour) 6 days a week - 8 to 9 hours/day. These are a few of the job outlooks that are applicable for this rotation/study .

My conclusion

In conclusion this rotation was mostly about the immune system and the bactiria types as well as the diffrent types of immunity like community immunity,active immunity and many others. But there were also a few studies if blood cells and vaccinations and things like that ,but only in about two of the sessions though.